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Can't Swim - This Too Won't Pass / Turned Up Louder

By Eleanor Patterson

Can’t Swim’s new ten track album, This Too Shall Pass, starts with a captivating opener with a catchy beat in What Have We Done and moves from strength to strength as it continues. My Queen is already familiar to fans as it was the first single to be released for the album when it was announced last month and has an accompanying music video. “If ignorance is bliss then why’d you ask?” forms a memorable refrain, especially since front man Chris LoPorto said he spent a lot of time during the recording of this album thinking about the meaning of the word evil.

The second single from the album Sometimes You Meet The Right People At The Wrong Time and its follow up Hell in a Handbasket continue in the same vein as the other songs in the album, with an enthusiastic drum beat and memorable lyrics. The third and final single from This Too Shall Pass is Congratulations, Christopher Hodge, a song that was released less than a week ago and has already amassed over six thousand views on YouTube from fans eager to hear as much as they can of the album.

Malicious 444 opens the second half of the album on a slightly more emotional note, with its clearly dark theme expressed through the lyrics as it asks “is there any more compassion?”. Not The Way It Was has an anthemic feel, while Amnesia 666 also deals very obviously with the album’s theme of evil, with its quiet start and subsequent shifts between a melodic verse and louder chorus, building up to a climactic end.

Penultimate track Daggers provides a nice bridge between Amnesia 666 and the final track of the album with its upbeat rhythm and somewhat bleak lyrics. The album closes with Water of Cicada - a song that is both emotional and powerful in its lyrics and its music; a fitting end to this much anticipated release from Can’t Swim.