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'I Let the Devil In'- Currents / Turned Up Louder

Whilst most people have already created their lists of favourite music from 2018, you might want to hold on if you haven’t yet listened to Currents’ EP, ‘I Let The Devil In’. Each of the five tracks brings something different without feeling out of place, and the lyrics are largely centred around vocalist Brian Wille’s experiences with mental health issues, which, whilst relatable to some, inarguably translate into some of his most impressive and emotional vocal performances yet.

We ease into the EP with 'Into Despair', which slowly builds up into crescendo as Wille delivers the all-important line ‘I sat back and I let the devil in me’, drawing out the last word in a stirring growl against the song’s ongoing eerie riff. In a recent interview with us, Wille said this lyric – which has been said to be about giving in to mental health problems such as addiction – ‘gets you ready for the rest of it’, hence, they chose it to title the EP. Released just before November’s Impericon Never Say Die Tour, this first track was always a big hit with fans, creating so much excitement that ‘the first night there were just kids that knew the words already’, Wille reveals in the same interview.

Currents - Into Despair (Official Music Video)

Riff-heavy, 'My Disguise' is one for guitar enthusiasts. It fluctuates from rich, smooth riffs to chugs as cleans and screams tell a story of a broken relationship, suicidal thoughts and a message to seek help for these sorts of problems: ‘You owe it to yourself / There is nothing wrong with asking for help’. 'Feel The Same' is simpler instrumentally, the focus being on passionate, heartfelt cleans as an uncomplicated yet haunting riff follows through the track. Lyrically, it focuses on feelings of hopelessness and isolation, and Wille’s powerful delivery is convincing enough to leave the listener feeling sombre.

In contrast, 'The Rope' then hits us with the most aggressive, harsh sounds on the EP and pairs these with the softest, mellow parts. With atmospheric riffs, breakdowns, screams and cleans, this is the most layered track, and optimally chaotic. Just when you’d think Currents have given all they’ve got to offer, the listening experience culminates with 'Forever Marked'. This closing track is less chaotic and rather consistently heavy; the band takes the somewhat predictable structure of a modern metalcore song and makes all the elements great, especially the various harsh uncleans and breakdown in this song, split by a scream of ‘Forever Marked’. Following some layered vocals and energetic drums is a short atmospheric outro, which encapsulates and eases the listener out of the EP and isn’t overdone as many outros tend to be.

Currents - Forever Marked (Official Music Video)

'I Let the Devil In' is out now via Sharptone Records.

Currents have a couple of dates left this year- dates can be found below, and tickets are available via their website:


Amityville Music Hall, Amityville, NY, United States


Webster Underground, Hartford, CT, United States

Connect with Currents via Twitter: @CurrentsCT

Connect with Currents via their website: https://www.currentsofficial.com/

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