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Louder News: Puppy release eerie new single 'Bathe in Blood'

Photo Credit: Georgia Rawson

2019 is already set to be an amazing year for new music, and one release that many people are eagerly anticipating is the new album, titled 'The Goat', from London-based grunge metal trio Puppy. The innocence of their name may paint them as the picture of sweetness and light, but the band's eerie new single 'Bathe in Blood', and the haunting music video that accompanies it, is enough to shatter that illusion, replacing it with a haunting vision of occult ceremonies and mysterious hooded figures...

Frontman Jock's distinctive vocals glide over the relentless, hammering drums, and the fearless pace of the melody is carried along in the crashing waves of the rumbling guitar line. High lights in the melody are created by the ethereal harmonising in the tail end of the chorus, which weaves itself in and around the video's flickering images. The track as a whole carries a dark, raw majesty along with each and every note: a mysteriously ominous weight that will settle in the pit of your stomach and refuse to leave you be- the best kind of uncomfortable and subversive feeling that leaves you in no doubt that Puppy are going to be one of the bands of the year- and it's still only January.

Watch the video for 'Bathe in Blood' below:

'The Goat' is out on January 25th via Spinefarm Records. You can pre-order the album here: https://puppy.lnk.to/TheGoat

Puppy are also embarking on a UK headline tour in support of the album, dates can be found below:

Connect with Puppy via Twitter: @puppyvybes

Connect with Puppy via Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/puppyvybes/

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