• Naomi Sanders

SHEAFS - Turned Up Louder

A cold blustery day began that November evening without knowing what to expect in the coming hours. Throughout the month, there were calls to “Join The Movement”. What was this movement, you may ask? Only Sheffield’s latest indie rock band to break out from its woodworks, SHEAFS. After making a buzz on their support set with Michigan’s Greta Van Fleet, it would be intriguing to see how this quintet of rockers would do on their own headline tour around the UK. From Derby to Brighton, circling Britain on their own Magical Mystery Tour, high and low. 3 singles currently out and available on Spotify, playing live for over a year and a half, and already creating their own excitement, these were shows that would garner the interest of any rock fan.

The venues, packed, had no idea what was to be expected within that room. Whatever was to come would be a surprise not just to the audience, but to the band as well, for they themselves were stunned at the turnout, including sold out shows in Derby and Nottingham. “We had been to that venue so many times, the maximum amount of people I’ve seen in that room is 25 maybe,” bassist Cal Wright said “So for us to sell that out is amazing.” To begin the set, Cal, guitarists Chris Goodacre and Charles Mellor, and drummer Charlie Eastap perform the instrumental track, “Chicago Overcoat”, which is a great way for them to ease the crowd into their sound, and introduce the band without having to go too powerful. Soon, vocalist Lawrence Feenstra joins the stage into their first song, and one that is Charlie’s favourite to play live, “Fickle”.

“I really like the tone of that” he commented, and indeed, it sets an impressive tone for the rest of the show that all the songs would follow in the set. To describe the band’s sound in words is almost virtually impossible, so Lawrence can perfectly illustrate it by saying “You certainly get the personality, the way that the music goes with the loud guitars, the loud drums, trying to get lots of drops in it, those big moments where you’re going for it.”. This is certainly shown throughout all of their songs, but especially as it gets into “Mind Pollution”, one of the current singles out now, and “Get Used To It”, which is both Lawrence and Charles’ favourite to perform.

Spotify Singles

Speaking of the current singles, available on the band’s Spotify page are the songs “Mind Pollution”, “Shock Machine”, and “This Is Not A Protest”, each having their own catchy hooks and poignant lyrics that spoke to everyone with their ideas. The band described “Shock Machine” as the “catalyst of ours, gets people really going. It’s just one of those ones that gets people really moving”, which is exactly what the song does, as this was one of many songs that people did really move to. By really move to, that means that a mosh pit started and many people joined in to many of those songs.

Interesting to think that the response to the band’s music comes at a interesting time in the music community, as many music publications are talking about the “rock renaissance”, including bands like The Struts. On that topic, Chris mentioned that “I think there’s a cycle to everything at the moment. Right now, guitar music as a whole, it’s not thought about as much as it should be, so I think we’re patiently waiting, hence why there’s only 3 songs out there for us to pounce at the right time”.

“Guitar music as a whole, it’s not thought about as much as it should be”

With the addition of “Pop Music” into the setlist, this song added even more clever lyricism and innovative riffs that added to the diverse musicality of the band. With an impressive 11 song setlist, it does feel too short. Take that as a compliment though, as a band should always leave with the audience wanting more. SHEAFS certainly did on this tour, with many people certainly joining the movement. Finishing off the show with “This Is Not A Protest”, which the band describes as “more of a stab at how music is at the moment, more for us as a guitar band, it’s kind of difficult for us to make any kind of strides in radio or any kind of road to go down to become popular, so that was more of an ironic kind of take.”

In Conclusion...

Overall, SHEAFS are not a band to miss out on; you’ll never know what will come next from these 5 guys, but whatever it will be, judging by the quality of their music and their energetic live shows, it will be something to behold. When asked what is next for the band, Lawrence jumped in and shouted “Christmas!”, but he did also say, when discussing if there is an album or EP coming soon, “At the moment, it’s that scaffolding process where we’re working towards it. We just want to make sure that we drop it the right time and it’s with the right people. Just stay tuned!”. Chris also added “New Year will be recording, just don’t know what!”.

Whatever that will be, fans will be waiting in anticipation. As the band say that they’re waiting for the right moment to drop some more material, or a full EP/album, for the fans, anytime would be a great time.

"Shock Machine" is OUT NOW!






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