• Naomi Sanders

‘Kill The Sun’ (EP) - Cane Hill/Turned Up Louder

After the success of their album from last year, Too Far Gone, New Orleans metal band, Cane Hill, surprised everyone by announcing a new EP for the New Year. Inspired by the Grunge era in the 1990’s, especially the band Alice In Chains, it would prove to be a different sound for the band as there aren’t a lot of very heavy tracks on this EP. Does this hinder the band’s sound like so many other bands have when taking the softer route?

Thankfully, no, as this band shows that they will not simply cash in to commercialism with a softer sound and, in fact, keep their edge within the instrumentation and lyrics. Within the 6 tracks, only one track has a little bit of heaviness, whilst the rest of the tracks utilise the acoustic guitar and piano. There is definitely a chill vibe that is felt in the tracks, but there is still an edge to all of the tracks, for example, the lyrics in “Save Me” are very soulful and honest. True commendation has to go to vocalist Elijah Witt, as he definitely shows his passion and love for this type of music, and the respect that he and his band have for the grunge subgenre. Beautiful tracks like “Empty”, “Kill The Sun” and “Acid Rain” show the talent within the band in their instrumentation, rhythmical musicianship, and lyrical content. “86d – No Escort” is a great way to start off the EP, and “Smoking Man” has a great blend of sounds and very experimental, however the sudden end comes out of nowhere, and it’s very jarring. Not a fan.

Overall, an impressive effort from Cane Hill, and although it is a different sound from their usual albums, it’s still a great EP to listen to. The fanboys might not be a fan of the softer sound, but it shows the massive respect the band have for the grunge era, and whether or not they continue in this style or if this just a one off for this EP, Cane Hill can definitely transition to that subgenre if they so desired. Nice one guys - looking forward to more!

Kill The Sun (EP) is OUT NOW!