• Charlotte Claber

Parting Gift @ The Black Heart, Camden, 22.01.19 / Louder Live

Superlove, a fun and quirky Bristol-based trio open up to a filling room, bringing heavy riffs to energetic indie-rock- the bands “Book A Holiday” is one to make the whole room dance! Showing their passion for performance, with a sound louder than the room they’re in, Superlove have the room hooked from merely seconds in. Following on, pop-punk strongholds Coast To Coast give a punchy set featuring tracks from their latest album ‘The World Doesn’t Work’. Vocalist Keiran Hyland keeps the crowd engaged whilst all encouraging interaction. Main support comes from Cold Bones, a strong instrumental group with immense power in their composition as a band and as musicians. The tone of the songs is set very swiftly with many songs leaving the audience rapt with chills. Cold Bones are a brilliant transition in what’s to come from the headline band.

The stage is packed with smoke and ominous lighting, and the intro of ‘Vein’ rings through Camden’s Black Heart as Parting Gift take the stage. The northern-based 5 piece bring riffs of all sizes with contrastingly soft vocals from frontman Zac Vernon. Vernon’s robust voice is haunting but intriguing, with fans pushing forward to hear more, while strong bass echoing from Nick Barlow is joined with guitars from Peter Vybiral and Jack Dutton, and cymbals crash from George Barnes. The performance is full of cohesion from the get-go, quickly leading into 'Rensing', another song driven with power. A demonstration of new songs leaves fans silent but in awe: a perfect opportunity to leave many wanting more. ‘In Mind’ has attempts of crowd surfing in now packed Black Heart and passion can be felt in every lyric ringing around the room. The band quickly blur into ‘Asleep’, harmonies from the crowd are spine-tingling as the song comes to a complete close. The bands swift exit leaves fans begging for “one more song!”. Closing the set with “Be Still”, Parting Gift bare all during one final chorus. As a warm up for their large scale shows with Neck Deep there’s no doubt Parting Gift are going to fly with European audiences, and 2019 will be full of opportunities for the young band.

Parting Gift can be caught opening for Dream State on the following dates, and featuring on the Saturday at Download Festival.