• Courtney Peterson

Decay, Safeguard + supports at EBGBs - 26.01.19 / Louder Live

As people filter into the intimate basement of EBGBs, it’s clear that this is the definition of a ‘mates fest’. The atmosphere is warm and everyone is in high spirits as familiar faces from the local pop punk/emo scene filter in and relax, before the crowd migrate to the stage as local boys Crossroads hit us with some new material. Sombre, storytelling lyrics are delivered convincingly by frontman Alex Espley, yet the music maintains a relatively light-hearted energy.

The same cannot be said for the next band, Safest Spaces, whose similarly weighted lyrics are accompanied by melancholic music. The Milton Keynes duo sits onstage, each with a semi acoustic guitar, and provide nothing but raw passion for the whole set. The tuning time between songs are filled with lead vocalist Dru Lintott’s comments about the backgrounds of the lyrics, and the appreciation he has for the Liverpool music scene. Vocals are delivered very emotionally whilst a few fans sing the lyrics back, livening up the set and bringing smiles to the band’s faces.

York’s pop punk boys Safeguardcome next, bringing energy and a definite confidence to the stage. A few rows of fans give that all-important pop punk energy back, singing and even crowd surfing amongst themselves. Their style of music and energetic performance wouldn’t be out of place in a show with larger pop punk bands such as WSTR and Knuckle Puck, and with a new merch store, more tour dates and a new single that fans could already sing along to, we definitely won’t have to wait long before seeing them on bigger stages.

Picking up the emo vibe where our second supports left off, local Liverpool lads Decay close the show. Vocalist Danny Reposar warns us between coughs that his throat is ‘goosed’ – for the less Scouse of readers, that translates roughly to ‘not feeling brilliant’. However, fans and Safeguard’s vocalist Declan Gough step in to help with covers and Decay’s debut single, ‘New Again’. This is a new band and, this being the only track they’ve released for streaming so far, Reposar makes a special effort to sing as much as he can, and it pays off. Upbeat enough to keep heads moving and full of memorable introspective lyrics, it’s received as well as the rest of the set.

Check out the video for Decay's debut single 'New Again' below:

Check out the video for Safeguard's latest single 'Severance' below too:


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