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The Last Ten Seconds Of Life, Lotus Eater + supports, Night People Manchester - 29/01/19 / Louder Li

After Manchester’s Night People fills, the night begins with some confusion amongst the crowd as Cut Short take to the stage with an altered line-up. Harry Benyon, who usually fronts the band, explains that their usual guitarist has left, so he will be filling in whilst a friend of the band has agreed to perform vocals on short notice. In spite of this, the set is engaging and does their music justice. Untamed and uncategorisable, this music wouldn’t be out of place at a larger show, and, if they get the recognition they deserve, this band should be headlining shows after a few more releases.

For Bleach, this is a hometown show, and their pummelling hardcore is met with striking energy from many fans. Having only started releasing music for streaming last year, they prove themselves to be confident performing as a relatively new band. This band are indubitably a perfect fit for this bill, encompassing all the essentials of new hardcore music and getting us ready for the rest of the ruthless pits to come throughout the night.

Night People’s stage isn’t big enough for Preston five-piece Gassed Upand their energy, so lead vocalist Dan Crossley performs from the pit. Fans take this opportunity to share the mic and rap along in the appropriate moments, and chaos erupts in and around the pit. People are thrown about, drinks are spilt, and spectators are inclined to move to the unique yet brutal tracks that are evoking this energy.

The room turns green and the tension is palpable. Almost every single person in attendance has been anticipating this all night: the moment that Lotus Eaterbring Gloom to Manchester once again. The familiar voice of vocalist Jamie McLees orders us, in a strong Glaswegian accent, to kill or hurt someone in the pit, and the crowd wastes no time before responding. It’s impossible not to be consumed by the unsparingly sadistic breakdowns, bold performance and eerie green lighting. It’s an escape from reality, where the only things to think about are the chaotic music and how injured you’re likely to get.

Despite McLees’ subsequent encouragement to stay in the venue, the room empties slightly as many young hardcore fans are reluctant to stay to watch Pennsylvanian deathcore band, The Last Ten Seconds of Life. Formed in 2010, these guys are well-established and have some dedicated older fans who now emerge to the front. These bring a different sort of energy to the stage, and it suddenly feels a lot more like a metal show than a hardcore one. Riffs and slower breakdowns in their latest album ‘Machina Non Grata’ are amongst the hardcore elements that are still present, but deathcore vocals and riffs, along with the overall aesthetic of the band, set them apart from the rest of the bill.

The Last Ten Seconds of Life's latest album 'Machina Non Grata' is available to buy and stream now, via Siege Music.

Check out the latest single from the album, 'Live on Broadway', below:

The band have several upcoming tour dates, in support of Traitors across the US. Dates can be found below:

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