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Louder with Will Gardner of Black Peaks

First of all, how’s the tour going?

It’s been super fun, there’s been loads of massive shows. It’s been very tiring sometimes, but generally pretty cool.

Your album ‘All That Divides’ has been out for a few months now. How are you finding the response to it live?

Really cool. In these shows, it’s been a variety, because lots of people haven’t seen us before, which is good. But I think on this one we’ve particularly been playing some songs like ‘Eternal Light’, and it’s really awesome to see people not expecting that song and how it goes down.

You’ve said in the past that the writing process was intense, with lots of songs not making it to the album. How did you decide between you which songs would make it?

We’ve just got a really good filter in our decision-making as a group. We know when something’s good or when it needs to change. We’ve just got that critical eye between us, so even though we might have spent months on something we know when it’s not right.

Do you think any parts of those other songs will come back to see the light of day again?

Maybe the odd riff, but none of the whole songs. We know when stuff is right.

On this tour, you’ve got your fans, Enter Shikari fans and Palaye Royale fans, so there’s a variety of people and your music feels accessible to fans of many different genres. With that being said, do you think they’re receiving the music well?

Yeah, we get worried sometimes that we’re too heavy for certain line-ups, and obviously Shikari are so varied, and they’ve got a big pop element to their music. But it’s been amazing, and I think we’ve opened some eyes for sure.

You’ve got Download Festival coming up, third stage. Are you pumped for the festival season? Do you prefer festivals to gigs?

It’s gonna be massive. There’s Tool and Shikari and it’s gonna be amazing. But they’re both just different, really. We generally love all of it. It depends on the festival. Some of them can be quite stressful if they’re not well-organised, but Download’s brilliant, it’s very well-organised and we’ll have a great show there.

Black Peaks have several festival appearances lined up for this summer, including a spot on the third stage at this year's Download Festival. The dates can be found below:

Sun 16 Jun 2019 Download Festival 2019 Donnington, UK

Sat 29 Jun 2019 Full Force Festival 2019 Gräfenhainichen, Germany

Fri 26 Jul 2019 RIEZ OPEN AIR 2019 Bausendorf, Germany

Check out the video for Black Peaks' latest single 'Fate I' below:

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