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'Ascend to Clarity'- Bury the Traitor / Turned Up Louder

After touring on their first EP with a couple of short breaks for good measure, Bury The Traitor are back with six-track self-released EP ‘Ascend to Clarity’. The Derby-based five piece had the music itself ready a year ago, but have since recorded videos and focused on new visual designs before releasing the material. Worth the wait, these tracks are reminiscent of the likes of Bury Tomorrow and In Hearts Wake, combining older metalcore elements with majestic metal riffs. There’s definitely some room for up-and-comers with this sort of sound in the scene right now, so this EP is pretty exciting.

We get an introduction to the new material in the form the short track ‘Embers’, which builds up from just sound effects to a full classical metal riff, intensifying drums and impressive unclean vocals from Oli Heaton Loewenbach which flow into ‘Season To Burn’ – this EP make sense when listened to consecutively. Complete with riff-focused breakdown and gang vocals, this should be an impressive live track when the band take this on the road.

Third track ‘A.S.I.F.’ was the only single released and, at five and a half minutes long, it provides us with an abundance of sounds. A melodic chorus is paired with some energy-driven verses which prepare us t=for the next track and the first single, ‘Heads Down, Thumbs Up’. This is the strongest track on the EP, its structure most similar to newer metalcore and its breakdown reminiscent of old, with cut up vocals, and choppy guitar to match.

Next, ‘Lion Vs Wolf’ comes in as a call-to-arms, with more gang vocals and a steady riff flowing through the chorus with clean vocals telling us ‘It’s your time to fight’. Verses are fast-paced, giving us a bouncy energy to work with between singalong parts. ‘When Lust Dethrones Loyalty’ has a similar structure initially, although at six minutes long more layers and build-up are provided to add to the emotional feel, as the EP closes with melancholic piano. As the title suggests, the song deals with themes of loss and rebuilding, leaving us on a striking sombre note at the close.

Overall, ‘Ascend to Clarity’ shows a softening of the band’s sound, though not at the expense of the energy this band bring. Their direction is promising and they should not go unnoticed in the metal scene.

'Ascend to Clarity' is out now as a self-release. It available to buy and stream on all major platforms.

Check out the band's video for 'A.S.I.F.’ below:


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