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Louder with Lucas of Holding Absence

All photos taken by Louis Gibbins

How are you finding tour so far?

Yeah, really, really good! We’ve toured the UK a lot over the years. I think we’re probably looking at about 200 shows in the UK in the last 3 years, so that is a load. But it’s just been a really nice visual representation of what we’ve actually managed to do over the last couple of years, and it’s just been super sick to see people again, and play new venues and stuff. It’s been nice to see old faces and return back to venues but also to see things grow a bit.

Have you got a favourite song to play live?

The thing is, every song is separate, obviously some of them we’ve played for quite a while now. So this tour, I’ve really enjoyed ‘Monochrome’, ‘Your Love’, ‘Wilt’. Those three have been really fun to me because we’ve never done them before, so seeing people’s reactions and stuff… So on a professional level I’d say those three have been fun to do. But at the same time, every son’s gone down a treat. ‘Penance’ still goes down really well, ‘Like A Shadow’ has been going down crazy well. So every song is fun because of the crowd, but on a personal level, those three.

Do you think there’s a fan favourite from the album?

There’s a few, I think because we put so many different vibes and different messages on the album, there’s songs that relate to everybody really. So, ‘A Godsend’ lots of people like because it’s quite different, ‘Marigold’ lots of people like because it’s different, ‘Wilt’ is quite a journey so I think people invest in them a bit more, same with ‘You Are Everything’. ‘To Fall Asleep’ is a song I’m shocked that so many people have enjoyed, because to us, it is a banging song but we weren’t expecting it to go down so well. So that’s been quite a shock for us as well.

In a recent interview with us, you said it was going to be difficult to let go of some of the old songs to make room for the new ones in the set. How have you found that?

It has been tough. I think, to be honest, this time is not too hard because we’re playing nine songs, so we’ve had to let go of a little bit less. But I think when we start doing half-hour slots again it will be tough to get rid of songs, even like, we won’t play ‘Wilt’ very often, for example. But yeah, it has been tough, it’s like watching your baby leave for university or whatever, it’s a tough one, but I feel like a lot of those songs have had their time now, as well. We’ve played songs like ‘Saint Cecilia’ and ‘Permanent’ hundreds of times.

You’ve all got broad music tastes, including bands like Creeper, who’ve created whole worlds. You’ve got the logo people wear and get tattooed, your own phrases like ‘You are everything’, and the black and white concept. Is this concept of escapism something you keep in mind when you’re writing and performing?

Yeah, for sure. To me, our music is so itself, I feel like people really do get taken away, when they listen to it, to a different place. I like to think people can get lost in our music, and the more you give people to get lost in the more they can get lost in it and the more immersive it can be, really. For me, growing up, bands like My Chem, Green Day, like ‘The Black Parade’ and ‘American Idiot’, in those two albums I just felt like part of something. I just felt like I was a member of the coolest clan in the world. So for me, having the moth, and the black and white, ‘You are everything’, ‘This is Holding Absence’, all those things help staple the universe together a little bit, and I can’t wait for the day when we can do an album that’s a lot more conceptual and immersive, because I think that’s something we really enjoy doing.

A lot of the music is quite polarising, most people are either really passionate about it or just don’t connect with it at all. That’s been the case with a lot of memorable and revolutionary bands, so how do you feel about that?

That’s awesome, I appreciate you thinking that, and at the end of the day, the coolest people in the world are the least cool people in the world to some people. Ed Sheeran’s probably one of the most hated people in the world, or Adele or something, but nobody really cares because he’s also got more fans than everybody else as well. So to be loved, it’s the same as anything really but it’s just on a grander scale. I think, because our music is so overly passionate and heart-on-your-sleeve kind of thing, some people can find it a little bit too much. And that’s fine, if people don’t get it. Luckily we don’t have many, like, “haters”, I know that sounds stupid, but people don’t Tweet us every day saying ‘Fuck Holding Absence’. Luckily, the people who don’t like us don’t really say anything, and I understand when you’re a bigger band people do say things, but we don’t mind people not liking our music, it’s all about the people who do.

And they’re usually more passionate fans than casual fans.

Yeah, I’d rather have 100 people really care than 200 people not mind it!

Holding Absence's self titled debut album is out now via Sharptone Records.

Check out the video for the band's latest single, 'Monochrome', below:


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