Louder Introduces: Grief 'Dormant'

Punching their way through the soil, melodic hardcore quintet Grief resurrect and modernise the fleeting genre that has diversified and evolved throughout the years with their debut single ‘Dormant’. Birthing from Manchester and it’s huge musical overwatch, they seek to join a growing underground scene of UK grit with cinematic effect. Inspired by giants Being As An Ocean, their sound follows a Holding Absence-esque cathedral ambiance and powerful striking percussion complimented by reverb heavy melodic guitar tones. In an interview with Highlight Magazine, the band explains the follow up track ‘Burial’ will be available in the near future. The emotionally heavy and dark ideology will also be performing for the first time with Dream State and Parting Gift on April 7th.

GRIEF SOCIALS Twitter: @griefofficialuk Facebook: /griefofficialuk Instagram: @griefofficialuk