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'Cash in Hand'- Heavy Rapids / Turned Up Louder

Melding genres together has long been a favourite pastime of young bands looking to break the mould and bring their varied musical influences together to reflect a well-tallied picture of themselves back out to the world through the music they create. This trend is one that holds true for Glasgow-based quartet Heavy Rapids, who have blended the timeless bed-mates of indie and punk together to showcase their frustrations and resentment, but with the opportunity to inject a little light into the murky depths. The result is their debut EP ‘Cash in Hand’, which erupts like a firecracker, over as quickly as it came. Pause to unpack the layers behind this record, however, and you will discover a compressed nugget of raucous festival bangers guaranteed to get your blood pumping and your mind ignited.

In an undeniable win for nomenclature, opener ‘Hurricane E’ greets you with an untarnished wall of sound from the off! Though the band’s punk influences have wormed their way into the electric pace of the thundering drums that rumble in the background, the indie notes are the more potent, as the track boasts distortion-tinged vocals and warm, bright guitar tone that make it a summer festival rager that The Vaccines would be proud to have in their discography! The distorted guitar tone buzzes in the bridge, adding a pleasant added flavour of spice to this irrefutably danceable, radio-ready melody.

Earthier and less streamlined is lead single ‘Paisley Pattern’, which may be a little rougher around the edges, yet is all the more intriguing for it. Raw, unsullied vocals and coarse guitars drive forcefully through the choruses with an unbridled fervour, yet the pulsing of the drums at the centre keeps it grounded and balanced. The track builds like a tidal wave through the bridge, crashing back in following a beat of silence, and bringing with it the unquestionable promise of circle pits galore! Sitting somewhere between its predecessors, ‘Infected Nightmares (Frankenstein)’ opens with low, crackling vocals that carry a heady sense of weight behind them, before it ruptures into a rousing anthem packed with galloping guitar lines, that rise, pitch and break before beginning to climb again, all of which make it irresistibly danceable, and guaranteed to get any festival crowd rippling like waves with brandished fists.

Drawing in on the close at breakneck speed, the kick drum that hails the opening of ‘Going Down’ makes clapping along almost involuntary with its insistent thump, an air of swagger only perpetuated further by the tongue-in-cheek lyricism. Rich and full-bodied the guitar tone may be, however it is fringed with a flavoursome kick of distortion which, coupled with the added grit to the vocals, reflects a refracted picture of Heavy Rapids’ punk roots- blending the classic with the contemporary in rabble-rousing style.

Though it may pass by at positively whiplash-inducing speed, ‘Cash in Hand’ is not an EP you can afford to overlook. Heavy Rapids’ take on the indie-punk fusion displays some of the best qualities of both genres in a glorious light, blending relentless drum beats and a chugging bassline with waspish, distorted guitars and lively, airy melodic structures. A whirlwind of a record that begs for a second listen as soon as the first is over: while ‘Cash in Hand’ may ricochet through your brain in a little over ten minutes, it definitely doesn’t fail to stamp its mark on the subconscious of its listeners.

‘Cash in Hand’ is due for release on June 5th as a self-release.

Check out the video for the lead single, ‘Paisley Patterns’, below:

Heavy Rapids have several live dates scheduled for this Spring, as well as a headline tour of Scotland later in the year- dates can all be found below:

May 4 - Live at Leeds, Leeds

May 5 - Stag & Dagger, Glasgow

May 8 - Brudenell Social, Leeds (supporting Cabbage)

May 9 - The Great Escape, Brighton

May 31 - The Actress & Bishop, Birmingham

June 1 - Camden Rocks, London

July 5 - Electric Fields

July 28 - Y Not Festival


Sep 20 - Aberdeen - Tunnels

Sep 21 - Dundee - Beat Generator

Sep 26 - Edinburgh - Sneaky Pete’s

Sep 27 - Glasgow - Stereo


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/heavyrapids/


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