• Naomi Sanders

METAL 2 THE MASSES Semi Final 1 - FUEL Rock Club, Cardiff; 03.05.2019 / Louder Live

The moment has arrived - the semi finals of Bloodstock’s Metal 2 The Masses have arrived and shown the best of the best from South Wales. Not only was this a difficult heat to have to choose from, but also all bands gave it their all and showed why they should perform at Bloodstock Festival. But there can only be one winner...or two...or...well, you’ll see in a bit!

First up were Grym - going first worked out well for them in their heat, so would it work for them this time? Well, they definitely proved why they should be in the semi finals with this performance! Not only is their gratitude for even being there shown through their performance, but the talent in the band speaks for itself, once again with their groovy beats and riffs, and top class solos! They engaged with the crowd with their banter, and were simply themselves. This performance set the tone for what was to come, and showed why they won their heat. The downside? They showed how difficult a decision it would have to be for everyone in attendance!

Next up, from the depths of black metal, Black Pyre, once again showing why they’re not just intimidating, but hilarious as well! Their gritty sound blasted through the speakers, attracting everyone’s attention, and their banter between songs was unforgettable! It felt like this band always found a way to make each of their sets different each time so the audience would have a unique experience every time they saw this band! With the addition of a “Satinkle” to their iconic grapefruit and mentions of “this isn’t just a song about death, this song is about death and a bridge”, it would be hard to forget this set in a hurry, and no one would want to either!

SPATULAS AT THE READY!!! Because Sepulchre took to the stage after and showed they’re more than just wild card entries because they killed that stage! This pure thrash sound coupled with the members’ energy with each song shows how crazy they can be, but there is method to the chaos and that method works to steal the room! It felt like everyone in the band had their moment to shine, especially the drummer with her solo at the end of the set. Goes to show that the best of the best have made it this far, and it was going to be a tough one to decide.

The room became green, and the room full of fans, so it must mean King Kraken were next to perform! There’s definitely something about this band than manages to capture everyone’s hearts – maybe it’s the (should be) legendary vocals? Maybe the fantastic solos from the guitarist? Maybe how everyone in the band felt like a whole and worked together to make it that good of a set? Or maybe it’s the fact that this band managed to congregate an all-female mosh pit! Maybe even all of them! In any case, the band played a remarkable set, even powering through technical difficulties, and also showed they were more than wild cards!

Finally, Fallen Temples came on, and blasted out solos, solos, solos galore! So much rock energy bled out from this trio, and they truly show it within their performance! Not only willing to give each member their own moment to shine, but also working together as a whole to bring their sound to everyone attending that night! This trio of rockers has so much talent within them, it won’t be surprising to see bigger things from these guys!

After an amazing performance from Luna’s Coil, it was finally time to announce the winners of the semi finals. Apparently, there would usually be two bands sent through to the finals from this semi...it turns out that the judges decided for THREE bands to go through, which are...King Kraken, Fallen Temples, and Sepulchre!! Massive congrats to all of the bands that performed this night – what will the next semi finals bring? Only more amazing talent from the world of rock and metal.

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Black Pyre


King Kraken

Fallen Temples

Check out the full gallery below from Stu Rowles and follow his photography page! Massive thank you for all of his photos!