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METAL 2 THE MASSES Semi Final 2 - FUEL Rock Club, Cardiff; 18.05.2019 / Louder Live

Another night, another semi final to attend with 5 more of the best that South Wales has in the metal scene! That final getting ever closer, it was gonna be a night full of mayhem if any of them were to stand a chance to play at Bloodstock Festival. So, how did this night of harsh metal and HobNobs go?

First to perform were Beyond Sorrow, who gave some of their best takes on their own music that night! They gave an ultimate performance and with banter like “I’ve not been fingering so close to your arse!”, it’s surprising to see that not a lot of the audience were wanting to join in with the music, even when encouraged by the vocalist! It’s a shame as this band delivered one excellent show that proved why they were selected to progress to the semi final, but it could be the Curse of the Opening Band striking again.

Always knowing how to bring the noise (and not so much Cookie Monster growling this time) were Blind Divide! They managed to get the crowd hyped and delivered another one of their signature brilliance on that stage! Treating the audience that night to not one but TWO new songs, this band showed they came to play the hard game at the semi finals, and were not to go home yet!

Next came In Which It Burns – once these guys took to the stage, they threw this performance right out of the park! They were THAT fantastic! With the technicality and talent needed at this level, and a barrel of laughs when it comes to their on stage banter, it was clear that this band gave it their all that night, and deserved that spot at Bloodstock, no matter how hard it was to get it!

HOBNOB TIME as Incursion took to the stage, bringing their post-apocalyptic concept with them, and delivering that fire they needed and everything they got! Anyone that has doubts about this band just needs to witness that pit for HobNobs, and they’ll see why witnessing this band is always a treat as you’ll never know what to expect, but it will always be fantastic every time. Only problem: this has made it a serious close call for the judges…

Rounding off the competitors is Levitas, which took a while to get into, as some of their songs had disjointed elements to it, as if it were a mish-mash of ideas, but as the performance progressed, the band showed how they could take on atmospheric metal, and transform it into something that even the great Peter Steele would be proud of! Their drummer is one of the best rhythm players, keeping the band together but also able to bring his drumming style to the forefront. Overall, they’re a great dark gothic metal band, and a great way to close out the competition.

After a fantastic headlining set from Damaged Reich, it was finally time to announce the winners – once again, 3 bands were to go through to the final against Sepulchre, King Kraken, and Fallen Temples, which were...In Which It Burns, Levitas, and Blind Divide! Congrats all who performed, and the mayhem will have its grand finale 8th June for THE FINAL of Metal 2 The Masses!

Tickets for the final are available here!

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Beyond Sorrow

Blind Divide

In Which It Burns



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