• Naomi Sanders

METAL 2 THE MASSES Final - FUEL Rock Club, Cardiff; 08.06.2019 / Louder Live

It’s finally time! It’s all led up to now! Everybody descended into Fuel Rock Club for the ultimate show that would present the best of the best, and who would be the ones to play at Bloodstock Festival 2019 this August! Six bands competing, but only one slot, and one chance to impress the visiting judge from Bloodstock. Tickets bought, beers flowing, and the stage packed, how would everyone do in the short set they had?

First onto the stage was In Which It Burns, who definitely kicked off the show with a bang! Great example of the talent on show within South Wales. Fantastic finger work on both guitars and bass, the solos were technically profound and brilliant, and these guys truly brought their best material. Their lyrics stuck out in the best way possible! With this set, not only did they present their reason for being included in the finals, but also set a high caliber the bands to follow had to meet!

Next onto the stage was Sepulchre and despite being plagued with technical difficulties, they still pulled through to deliver a killer show. Remaining forever ferocious and knowing how to get a crowd hyped through their riffs and rhythms, it’s easy to see that they deserve their spot at the final. Even when sorting technical difficulties, the band improvised music that the crowd enjoyed. This does show the band can work through even the toughest situations and still sound awesome!

Raising the caliber even further, Blind Divide pulled out all the stops as soon as they stepped onto that stage! Harsh vocals pierced through the crowd, giving them any chance to mosh and jump to this band. Each song attacked through the venue with the instrumentation, riffs, and brilliantly put together lyrics, never letting up once and truly delivering the best they could. Yep – these guys deserved to be in the finals, and deserve a slot at Bloodstock.

Following on from them was King Kraken. Firstly, deducted points for using a sample from the REMAKE of ‘Clash of the Titans’! Joking aside, this was a solid performance from this band that contained a lot of energy and vibrancy. There was a grandiose presence the band had adding to their already great music and lyrics, matched with fantastic instrumentation, that elevated their set to a truly fantastic set. Just proved that the whole of South Wales brought their best to the stage, and made the judging even harder.

Fallen Temples were next up, and their signature rock energy resounded through the venue! Iconic rhythmical structure, fantastic lyrics that the audience can sing along to, and truly bringing their fantastic music that everyone in attendance could rock along with the band. They know how to get that crowd going, and proved their talent as the next rock band everyone needs to check out!

Finally up is Levitas, who definitely improved from their semi-final set by amplifying their atmospheric music and instrumentation. The different layers work together to bring a fantastic ethereal sound that showed why they deserved to be in the finals. However, the vocals are just...ok. They may be for other people, very true, but with this, the vocals and lyrics feel a little too much on top of an already great musical backing.

Overall, South Wales truly brought out the best of the best within the region. In addition to performances from headliners, Cranial Separation and Democratus, the real winners on the night, beside from the competing bands, was the whole venue shouting ‘Fuck Take That’, who were also performing in the city that night. It was a moment that truly brought everyone in the venue together. But soon, the announcement arrived that the decision had been made. Not only would there be a main band going through to play at the festival, there would also be another band going through as a guest band! That guest band would be...Fallen Temples! With them as the guest band, the main band going through to play at Bloodstock are...Blind Divide! Congratulations to both bands for getting through, and a further well done to all that performed – everyone played amazingly and the whole competition has been fantastic to watch and witness the variety of rock and metal bands from the region. All the best at the actual festival!

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Check out the photos from the final below, courtesy of Stu Rowles!