• Charlotte Claber

Louder with Sleeping With Sirens

Welcome guys.

You’re no stranger to UK festivals or the touring scene are you excited to be back?

K: Absolutely.

J: Yeah we love it here. It’s basically like home when we play here, we get home town vibes.

You’ve had a big career and this is essentially 10 years of sirens. How as a band do you continue to grow.

K: I think we just like to keep it real you know. It’s the best way to grow, trust your feelings, go into the studio with no expectations. We’ve learned as a band when you try to do things, thinking about an outcome, it usually comes out wrong. But when you go in there, write good songs, that’s when things turn out right.

You constantly being a refreshing sound when you release new music, what sort of direction do you think you’ll head in next?

K: I guess we can’t really say, we’re in this phase of new music and it just coming out. I guess.

J: It’s been a crazy two years for us and it’s been really kind of dark and heavy two years so if that says anything....

So for a heavier line up like All Points East, how do you prepare for crowds that might not necessarily be your core fanbase.

K: Oh we love it. We love winning over people. I actually prefer shows where people are looking at you and tilting their heads, like when you say something to a dog and they do that. Even if people are flipping us off, because usually by the mid to end of the set the same people are like “alright, I can fuck with this”.

J: I remember when we were on tour with Rise Against and there was this dude with a pink Mohawk around three rows back, he was just staring at me for the first four songs. Then during song 5 he started bopping his head and I was like, yeah we got him. Took us a while but it was a satisfying moment.

Every band has those songs they want to play live but don’t for various reasons, what songs do you wish you’d played live or wish you’d play more?

K: Ooh that’s a great question. There’s a lot of songs we have-

J: We have a lot of songs.

K: We have a lot of songs that I feel are better for big amphitheater’s and are big production songs, songs like ‘Satellites’, it’d go down really well if we had production and bells and whistles behind us, but it doesn’t really work in a club scene for me.

J: Yeah it’s basically the really anthemic songs, you don’t want to bring them out to like a festival set.

The fan base means a lot to the band, we see them in so many music videos etc, why are your fans so important to you?

K: Specifically the fans here are really important to us, just because I feel we have so much love here and I feel rock still lives here. In the states you see things shifting to more pop, hip-hop, edm. So specifically for the UK and Europe, we love them because they still fuck with Rock & Roll and that’s what we fuck with.

You’ve said many times that we’re getting new music in 2019. Obviously we can’t say too much but if you could give us 5 words to sum it up what would they be?

J: It. Is. Really. Fucking. Cool.

K: Yeah let’s stick with that.

Sleeping With Sirens are pleased to announce their new record 'How It Feels To Be Lost' via Sumerian records out September 6th. The band kicked off their launch with 'Leave It All Behind', check out the new video and pre-order the album from SirensMusic.co