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Louder with Avalanche Party

Gritty, challenging and uncompromising- qualities that have always been at the core of all branches of alternative music, and ones that Avalanche Party boast in spades. Their latest single '7' is a maelstrom of unbridled melodies packed full of acidic bite, and the indie influences that inflect their sound makes them instantly alluring. We caught up with vocalist Jordan Bell to discuss the new single, the driving force behind their music, and what to expect from their upcoming debut album...

Your new single, ‘7’ is out now- how have you found people’s responses to it so far? We found them in many ways, principally - by looking. We looked on the internet, where the responses ranged from Grinderman to Jesus Christ! to What the fuckin ell is that, we looked in the paper where the responses ranged from RIGHTEOUS to semenal, and we looked in the local pub where a farmer said 'it's not really for me that number'. He'll be sorry when he hears it on 6 music.

The track is very anarchic, almost unhinged- do you find throwing that level of intensity into a track to be challenging, or is it a more of a cathartic experience? The human being is a remarkable species capable of great resilience, feats of the feet, ingenuity & endeavour. It has scaled the highest peaks of the earth and out into the great zero gravity beyond, made incredible breakthroughs in the fields of science & nature, invented the wheel, the internet, reality tv... by daring to ask such a question as did we find producing this sub-three minute pop song 'challenging', we can only assume you reject our humanity and instead believe us to be a group of ill-progressed Macaques. Species aside, we find it fucking easy and we love it.

The current indie and alt-rock scenes are flourishing right now- has having the backing those scenes been an advantage to you, whilst carving your own niche, spanning those markets and beyond? What you're talking about hasn't happened yet. It's going to be bigger and better. IDLES and Fontaines charting shows the beginning of a new cycle as far as popular music is concerned, and about time, it's been fucking terrible. There is great music around, you can go and see bands live that will knock your head off, but that all exists outside of a lot of festival lineups and the charts. Based on an optimism for the world, that won't carry on much longer. *

*All total bollocks. We're doomed man.

How much of your sound can be attributed to your own collective music tastes? Are there any records in your collections that fed into this record more than others? Yeah, that's definitely the case. We all have wide and varied music tastes. As soon as we start taking influence from the stuff we like that's any good we'll be laughing. This song in particular was influenced musically by And Yet It Moves, Atari Teenage Riot and Pixie Lott - but the lyrics came first.

Much of the music that dips even a toe under the ‘punk’ umbrella, and its various offspring genres, is branded as being motivated by anger- what is it that is the driving force behind your creative endeavours? Anger.

The intensity of ‘7’ is mirrored in your live shows- do you have a most memorable live performance? What can fans expect from coming to one of your shows? Paradiso in Amsterdam was probably the best venue. But then we've also played The Rose in Pickering. Headlining Twisterella Festival in Middlesbrough last year would take some beating too. Going to America this year for SXSW was amazing, LA was great too. We played a festival in Belgrade while the sun set over the Danube, that was nice.

Your debut album is scheduled for release this winter- is this single an indication of what we can expect with this record, or are there some surprises in store…? In a way, yes. This single is track seven on the album. The opening song '1', is a disco groover, '4' is my personal favourite - slide guitar and violins. There's a metal song. Lots of electronic Million Dollar Man-ish dance stuff like '5' and '12'. It's a mixed bag. Our manager warned us we shouldn't just name the songs by the numbers they are on the track listing, as it could be interpreted as showing a lack of inspiration or creativity. Really delving into the notion of a 'track-listing' as a concept hasn't really been tackled before though, we argued. Think about it. A 'track-listing'. What does it really mean? Think about it. What questions do those two words provoke? What shames, what fears, what regret? We felt naming the songs like this would be the only way to get answers, but assured our manager if he had concerns he should let us know and we could extrapolate on our artistic theological direction even further. He never called. Turns out he'd jumped off the Humber Bridge - headfirst.

Avalanche Party's debut album is scheduled for release this winter. Check out the video for the first single from the record, '7', below:

Avalanche Party are continuing their reign of electrifying live performances with some select appearances over the summer and beyond- dates can be found below:

6th Jul - Horwich Music Festival, Horwich

31st Aug - Wilkestock Festival, Morton Under Hill

5th Sep - The Lantern, Halifax

7th Sep - Outwith Festival, Dunfermlime

28th Sep -T-Fest, Tickhill


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