• Charlotte Claber

Louder with tiLLie

Welcome to the UK.

Thank you!

So we know you’re no stranger to here when it comes to quick trips and vacations, but you’re finally here to play some kick ass shows too! How does it feel?

It feels awesome! The shows have been so great so far, Glasgow was sold out and it was just fucking amazing. The crowd were super into it and had amazing energy, Sheffield was awesome and then London was also amazing! It’s just been really good.

So how were the shows with YONAKA?

Their great and obviously they’re so talented and also just really nice people. They’re humble and it’s really nice because sometimes you go out on tour and you’re the opener and the headiner can be a bit …. You know? But YONAKA are so cool and so humble and they just kept telling me how excited they were to have me out on tour and I’m just so thankful.

So did you expect the reaction you’ve had out here?

I didn’t really know what to expect. I mean technically this is like my first tour ever like outside of Warped. There its kind of built in thing. You have your followers, your numbers on Spotify but outside of that you don’t know what's really going to happen.You get out there and think ‘does anyone even know my songs?’ It’s been really fucking surprising and cool to hear people singing along! Then, new people getting into it, not really knowing who I am but then getting messages saying they really like me.

What songs do you think the UK fans have best received? Maybe ‘Mood Swings’ or ‘ Loud Mouth’.

Talk us through ‘Mood Swings’.

It’s inspired by, one time on Warped Tour me and my now fiancé were walking through this parking lot; I was sweating, and I was really hot and wanted to get in this Target just to eat and get popcorn and I had a bit of a melt down and he told me to “Chill out”. I find it has the opposite effect, and Mood Swings is really about I think just me being a really emotional person having OCD and ADD and having those things but feeling like I constantly have to explain myself to the people around you. You really can go from one end of the spectrum to the other and I’m also hypoglycemic which means my blood sugar drops really quickly and I can become a bit of a demon. The song is about taking all those hang ups I have, and being like this is who I am and I’m unapologetic about it.

So the glitter gang? What inspired this.

I can’t really remember how exactly it started but I used to wear a tonne more glitter than I do now. I still love it but I really like the juxtaposition of the names; Glitter you think of this shiny, sparky, radiant and then gang is tough. I think that also describes my music, shimmery and sparkly but the message is tough and about empowerment.

If you had to tell someone who hadn’t listened to you before, to listen to only one song, which would you say and why?

Loud Mouth. I think it just sums me up as a person and is one of my newer songs, it’s high-energy straight to the point and one of my favourite songs personally.

Finally, describe your music in 5 words. Okay, it’s something one of my managers and I think it’s really fucking accurate. My music is: Uplifting anthems with the middle finger raised.