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Festival Advice From Your Favourite Bands / Louder Features

This summer, another crop of newcomers will trade in their festival v-cards, while the veteran riff-seekers gear up for another year of singing, boozing, and dancing the night away! For those less well-accustomed to the somewhat base existence of the festival-goer, however, braving this new frontier can throw up a veritable cornucopia of questions. So who better to help you out than the people whose summer days revolve around festival season more than any other- the bands themselves! We spoke to several of the bands on the bill at this year's 2000 Trees Festival, held each year at Upcote Farm in Cheltenham, and asked them for their best piece of festival advice- or, alternatively, their past mistakes that you should definitely avoid! Here's what we found out:


Thursday at 12:45, Main Stage

FROM (guitarist) BOOTS:

BABY WIPES. Chances are, if you’re camping you’re definitely not getting a shower and 3 days worth of festival can definitely take it’s toll. Baby wipes will save your life.

Don’t overdo the drinking. I can’t tell you how many times either myself or my mates have missed our favourite bands because we’ve started partying too early and are passed out in the tent from drinking in the sun all day. You’ve got the whole weekend, enjoy it and take it easy!

PLAN AHEAD! Decide who you’re going to watch well before the festival day, check out a clash finder online, that always helps. You don’t want to be missing bands because you can’t remember who’s playing where, especially when your phone dies! On that note, portable chargers are absolute life savers too

FROM (frontman) SAMMY:

If you’re camping make sure to keep cash on you and anything small enough to fit in your pockets that you don’t want to lose. You don’t want to go back to your tent and not have all of your possessions for the rest of the festival. Also stay hydrated.

The Bottom Line

Saturday at 19:20, Neu Stage

"Everybody loses their mates at festivals, it's just part of the experience. And 50% of the time you're gunna probably have shitty signal and be chasing your friends with 10 minute old messages. NOT HELPFUL. It's good to take something big, dumb & distinctive like a rainbow hat, a 7"1 friend, a flag or even a Dora the Explorer helium balloon just so your buddies know where you are if you get dragged into the pit and lost forever."

Blood Youth

Thursday at 19:00, New Stage

Kaya Tarsus (vocalist):

Make sure you bring the essential items! Wet wipes, wellies, snacks, waterproof jacket, and water. These are the golden items for any festival goer! I'm a huge clean freak, I always hated camping at festivals when I was younger, so I would say the priority is staying clean and dry. After that, you just gotta embrace the festival vibe, have a sick time and watch as many bands as possible!

All Ears Avow

Saturday at 12:30, New Stage

We could suggest something really sensible, like not forgetting your sun cream, bringing hand sanitiser or a refillable water bottle. However, if you’re looking at indulging in a few refreshing beverages at the festival, our best piece of advice is based on a trick our guitarist, Jake put into practice at 2000 Trees a couple of years ago – grab yourself a nice big box of cheap wine, remove the bag from the box and zip it up neatly inside your hoodie for constant, hands-free booze on tap!

Caution: this trick may result in you screaming along to Twin Atlantic in a questionable Scottish accent.

Haggard Cat:

Thursday at 13:25, Cave Stage

"Bring more than one type of clothes! It's an absolute cliché, but the only predictable thing about sleeping outside in a nylon bag during summertime in the UK is that the weather will be unpredictable. I've known people turn up to festivals with just a vest, shorts and a pair of flip-flops, which although courageously optimistic, does tend to go south after the first 30 minutes. At the same time, don't just bring a pair of wellies and a heavy waterproof; be prepared for rain or shine and you'll be laughing all the way to the silent disco."


Thursday at 12:40, Cave Stage:

Vocalist Tina:

"My piece of advice would be to always check the weather forecast and bring suitable clothing. What do they say? There’s no such thing as bad weather, just the wrong clothes!! I also always bring a small camping stove, and saucepan. You can cook noodles, pasta, fry sausages, as well as make yourself a nice cup of tea/coffee in the morning. All about those home comforts. If it’s a bigger festival, check out the line up and prepare a rough timetable so you don’t miss anyone you’d really like to see, and in the empty slots, go and find new bands!"


Saturday at 14:00, Main Stage

Vukovi also gave some great advice regarding festival essentials in our recent interview- check it out!

So whichever festivals you're attending this summer, (and whatever the weather!), your favourite bands have got your back! And if you're heading to 2000 Trees Festival this month, be sure to check out all these amazing bands over the weekend- as well as the many others, all of which you can find below, and tickets are available here:

Wanting to check out the bands featured above before the festival itself? Here's a handy playlist featuring all the featured artists to get you hyped for the summer days to come:

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