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Louder with Vukovi @ 2000 Trees Festival 2019

Photo credit: Dom Meason

Photo credit: Dom Meason (Twitter: @dommeason / Instagram: @measons)

Festival preparation takes mammoth amounts of planning for everyone involved, from the head team of organisers down to stewards, tour managers, and the press teams. Yet sometimes, the best opportunities are the ones you can jump on at a moment's notice- hence why, when we spotted Vukovi roaming around backstage at 2000 Trees Festival, Van Dad and certified legend, Stephen Dewar, took it upon himself to put a few off-the-cuff questions to his charges for the weekend, on behalf of Turn It Up Louder- with some hilarious results:

You’re fresh off the stage at 2000 Trees- how do you feel? How was your set?

It was class man, it was so much fun!

What was your favourite part?

It was the first time I’ve actually done a dinghy: I got on a dinghy!

Like the craft?

Yeah, I like floated over the crowd! It was class- I was like ‘I’m definitely going to get dropped here!’ but they didn’t, they fucking held that shit up!

Was that the only mad thing that happened in the crowd?

No, there was a guy dressed as a fridge! Like a cardboard fridge!

Was it a vegan fridge? What was inside it?

It was a bit of a mix to be honest- it looked like he’d just come straight out of Iceland!

What do you think you’ll do next year for Trees? You’ve gone up a stage every time- what’s next?

I think we’re going to be looking at headlining a tent, or a late Main Stage set.

You’ve proven you can smash the tents, you’ve proven you can smash the main stage- which do you prefer?

I prefer tents, but it’s nice to have a bit of a go on main stage!

I want you to play in the trees- I want you to do an acoustic set!

I’m up for it! Let’s do it now!

Let’s do it- I can do a mad mouth harp! Thanks for coming, thanks for talking to us, thanks for doing a great set!

Sadly, said Forest Session never quite came into being, although their aforementioned Main Stage performance was enough to cement Vukovi's position irrefutably in the weekend's highlights reel - with chants of 'FRIDGE FRIDGE FRIDGE' echoing around the campsites long into the night! And with their highly-anticipated sophomore album release in the offing, Vukovi is not a name you can afford to forget any time soon!

Huge thanks to Stephen Dewar, aka Van Dad Tours, for helping us out with this interview- check him out on Twitter and Facebook for all your touring/impromptu press coverage needs!

Check out the video for Vukovi's latest single, 'Behave', below:


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