Louder News: Birthmarks release captivating new single 'Charcoal'

Minimalistic, explosive and dreamy. Avant-garde art rock group Birthmarks are audacious and seductive. Take Clockwork Orange and apply Ziggy Stardust’s erratic sexual prowess, you’ll find yourself right within the capitals latest performance of the group's genre fusion project.

Empathising with London’s wildest dive bars, beat making bedrooms and arrogant spirit, “Charcoal” carries a brooding warmth to it’s punk-esque vocals and booming low end. Flirting with lo-fi ambient electronics frontman Daniel Cross provokes a harsh narrative whilst a surprisingly powerful instrumental builds around the tracks lyrical frustration. Birthmarks previous release How Do You Rule Me stands alongside its counterpart with creative melody showing that the journey through the groups discography is as adventurous as their cinematic ambition. Birthmark’s relentlessly strange take on pop and rock culture evolves with each listen and bounces the group back out of the wild unknown. It seems like King Gizzard’s disturbing younger cousin is going through it’s puberty and I’m all here for it.

Check out the video for 'Charcoal' below:


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