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Albums Of The Year / Turn These Up Louder

Charlotte Claber, Editor in Chief

As a massive fan of Of Mice & Men for countless years, I felt biased picking EARTHANDSKY as my go to but the excitement building up the album, the release itself and the praise has all been amazing. An album that is truly ferocious, this truly pulls the band back and shoots them into the metal stratosphere. Riffs and carnage throughout with stand out tracks including the likes of Deceiver/Deceived and firey Taste of Regret. Lyrics delivered with pain and passion the album is a powerful start to a new era for the band. A cathartic album for the OGs

Charlotte Hardman, Deputy Editor

Of all the bands for whom the current socio-political landscape has been both a source of deep frustration and profound inspiration, none have captured it in a more angst-filled, riot-inducing nugget of cathartic hardcore punk than Fever 333. Their debut full-length is a masterclass in harnessing your anger and turning it into something irrepressibly powerful. From the wickedly sharp Animal, through fist-pumping rager One of Us, to the record’s crowning glory, the spine-tinglingly haunting Inglewood, Fever 333 simply don’t let up with shoving in your face palpable emotion of every kind. Few records in this day and age are this riotous and compelling in equal measure, but Strength in Numb333rs is the stand-out exception to the rule, urging us all to stand up, take notice and be counted. Because there’s a motherfucking Fever coming.

Naomi Sanders, Deputy Editor

Reason Define: This quintet of kickass did not disappoint with their second album back in March. A lot more personal issues and a concept based around the five stages of grief, this album does a lot to tug at the heartstrings, especially with tracks like Waves and Mirrors. But with the tears also comes some pure anger and force with songs like The Hunter The Hunted and Reaper. Not only is this represented in the lyrics, but also in the music and instrumentation as well. From beginning to end, each song smoothly flows into another, making each distinct but not in a way that feels disjointed or disconnected. Rather, there is a lot of thought that went into this album, thought about how to best deliver each emotion and still remain very real. And in this album, Reason Define easily achieve that.

Tom Lee, Photographer

Following their debut album ‘Laugh Tracks’  Knocked Loose have stepped it up. Tracks like Belleville really resonate with a side of me (an angry and misunderstood side, for lack of words). deep lyrics paired with heavy breakdowns, make it extremely difficult to not smash the nearest object. it’s a call to let out any of the feelings troubling you. After recently seeing them perform most of the album live, feeling the insane energy of the room. I can definitely tell you this is an album i won’t get tired of.

Sadie Maude, Writer

My album of the year is ‘Berkeley’s On Fire’ by SWMRS. I think it was such a natural progression from their debut album and it is the perfect punk explosion! Hearing this album live solidified my love for it and there isn’t one song that I’m sick of. It is the kind of album that is both cathartic yet oddly relaxing? It makes you want to go crazy but also lie down in a field somewhere and escape? My only problem is that 10 tracks is nowhere near enough!!

Nathan Lagden, Writer

The Spell is the haunting sophomore album by Switzerland's Cellar Darling, which tells the story of a woman who falls in love with Death. With a gorgeous blend of rock, metal and Celtic folk music, the trio stunningly weave together disparate lyrical themes and musical influences to create a masterpiece. Anna Murphy's beautifully emotive vocals transport the listener into the mind of the album's protagonist and deliver resonating payoffs. A phenomenal achievement in soundcraft, The Spell truly has everything. From killer riffs to mesmerising interludes to soaring choruses; it sets new expectations for what is achievable through heavy music.

Courtney Peterson, Writer

Fever 333 - STRENGTH IN NUMB333RS. As well as a broad range of sounds and a LOT of energy, this album brings out Jason Butler’s genius with its lyrics and everything it stands for; its focus is on rising up against oppression. It’s a grower, and the more you listen, the more you appreciate its messages and storytelling. With so many genre influences, there’s something for everyone, especially anyone who enjoys believable, passionate music! 

Rebekah Evans, Writer

Thinking over some of the amazing music the year has given us and having to give one album that would sum up the majority of the year is hard, but this year, it’s a little easier, without a doubt, My Album of 2019 would have to be ‘the underrated youth’ by Yungblud. 2019 has been a long year and for me this is just an album I can connect to at any occasion, there’s a song for every mood, from sad songs to walk home to, and hype songs for when things are going right. The album has a lot of inspiring messages especially for the youth.