• Charlotte Claber

Beartooth - 'Afterall' / Turned Up Louder

Beartooth are back with another sensational session. This time round the band brings 'Afterall' to the forefront of our minds. "The Blackbird Session" blends beautiful harmonies and acoustics to create a mesmerising audio and something that the band should be proud of. A new folk twist to the track is a 180 turn but the band have perfectly pulled it off. The sessions put the magnifying glass on the songwriting that Beartooth have produced and truly add a new layer to the bands depth. Afterall is the second glimpse of what the band can do and a great choice from the bands 2018 album Disease. Speaking on the track vocalist Caleb Shomo said “This is 100% live.  No metronome, minimal rehearsal, just a bunch of musicians who love what they do getting in a room and going for it. If you want to see and hear Beartooth stripped down to one of its rawest and most emotional forms, please enjoy.”

Pre-save The Blackbird Session EP here: http://ffm.to/theblackbirdsession