• Nathan

Beast In Black Release New Video for 'Cry Out For A Hero' / Louder News

Rising stars Beast In Black are capping off what has been a phenomenally successful year for them with the release of a brand new video for 'Cry Out For A Hero', which is the opening track off their stunning sophomore record 'From Hell With Love'. The international power metal quintet have released this video having just completed the second part of their European tour and will be rounding out the year in with a special show at Helsinki's Oce Hall on 13th December (a show appropriately named Beast In Black Friday) before heading back on the road in 2020 in support of Nightwish in Europe and HammerFall on their North American 'Dominion' Tour.

The video was produced by Dust In Mind guitarist Damien Dausch and gives a perfect sense of what Beast In Black are all about in a live setting. Recorded at their headline show in Strasbourg, France on their European tour, the video is the ideal showcase for the band and a great accompaniment to 'Cry Out For A Hero', which is a blistering burst of pure heavy metal goodness.