'Dark Signs' - Sleep Token / Turned Up Louder

The global cult worshippers of ‘Sleep’ return in all their creative glory. A distinctive perspective on metal, the group fuse in ambient electronics with previous releases Jaws and Two securing them spots supporting Babymetal, major festivals and a full headline run later this year.

A collection of bass boosted pop graces the beginning of the single, dragging the instrumental into an elongated cinematic soundtrack. Elements of the production seem dry and sporadic at first with loop-like vocal harmonies but as they evolve, the smoothness of the low end compliments that of Sleep Tokens signature synth sound and sampling technique. Spending much of the track wishing it would ‘go somewhere’ it was surprising to have a sudden explosive and driven section kick in. The warmth and surrounding nature of the distorted guitar breathe a more convincing narrative to this emotional project and help affirm the tracks direction as the self-deprecating lyrics would entail.

The other singles previously released appear to make Dark Signs another episode in the season of Sleep Token’s experimental and unsuspecting show. Although lacking some flair vocally at times, the projects consistency is undeniably fresh and inspiring. Refusing to conform to the habits it’s associated genre surrounds, the group have created excitement out of beauty.

Check out the visualiser for 'Dark Signs' below.

Sleep Token will be appearing across the UK and Europe Sep/Oct.


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