• Naomi Sanders

Doll Skin at O2 Institute, Birmingham, 12/09/2019

Credit: ALT AZ 93.3

Birmingham is not often looked at when it comes to modern rock and punk music when it comes up within the world of music. Often, older bands like Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin come to mind whenever the city is mentioned to any fellow music fan. However, some of the best bands that have gone further in their career have all come to the city, and that includes any band that passes through on tour. This brings the attention to Arizona band, Doll Skin, who performed in the city whilst supporting Trash Boat on their recent tour through the UK. So, how did this quartet of punk’s do on that Thursday night?

Very well in fact. There may have been audience members that came for other bands on the lineup, but once the band took to the stage, the event belonged to them. From the opener of “Daughter” to their special finale reserved for their song, “Puncha Nazi”, the band had captured the attention needed for their music, and controlled everything that happened within that venue. From Alex Snowden’s fantastic solos, showcasing her ability and talent as a guitarist, to Sydney Dolezal’s screams and lengths her voice takes each song without sounding forced or unnatural for her to perform. 

The songs chosen for their setlist not only helped to promote their most recent album, Love Is Dead And We Killed Her, but also bring attention to their older songs from their previous album, Manic Pixie Dream Girl. Although from different albums, each song is performed brilliantly, and given that extra special twist for live shows – delivered better than heard on the album, and given that small difference to make that show unique. Stylistically presenting examples of their best work from both albums featured, everyone there who wasn’t already a fan of the band became a fan that night.

Overall, it was a fun set that these four punks delivered; energetic, entertaining, and all around brilliance that night. With brilliant engagement between band and audience, and within the band members themselves, it also contained an atmosphere that connected the musicians and the fans together. That kind of atmosphere doesn’t happen at shows, but having it happen for Doll Skin shows how special this band is and that they only have great things to come for the future.

Love Is Dead And We Killed Her is OUT NOW!

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