LOUDER NEWS: Drug Church release new single 'Bliss Out'

Having firmly established their knack for bridging strong hooks with unbridled aggression across three albums, alternative hardcore act Drug Church have released their frenzied new single, ‘Bliss Out’.

Every element rings with the acerbic nihilism of what our frontman describes as ‘going to a fortune teller and having them tell you, ‘sorry, bro. Fairness left the building. Get under a desk because the nukes are inbound’. In that sense, the anthem not only displays the cutting sense of humour that these musicians have always been known for but demonstrates a willingness to confront the anger many are feeling, be that with the political landscape or the personal struggles they are facing.

‘Bliss Out’ was recorded during the sessions for their third full-length album Cheer, released in November of 2018. Its release precedes their upcoming North American tour with Thrice and Mewithoutyou.


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