• Naomi Sanders

GIGS THAT CHANGED MY LIFE: Linkin Park at Barclaycard Arena, Birmingham / 06.07.2017

Whilst I did a review for this show back in 2017, the gift of hindsight has enabled me to look at this show in a different way. Most notably because it was the last show Chester Bennington performed in before his tragic death. As an unexpected last show for Linkin Park (at this point according to rumours), to be able to experience a varied setlist from the band that represents different parts of their discography. From Hybrid Theory to the, at the time, new release of One More Light, there was something for every fan could enjoy, whether a newer fan or a longtime member of the fanbase. 

In my original review, I wrote that If you do get a chance to see Linkin Park, you should, but take it with a pinch of salt; not every song will be a hit, but that doesn’t mean that there won’t be any at all.” - I’ll admit, it’s a harsh review, and there are some things I wished I had removed. However, I will say that I was right in saying that people should get the chance to see the band. I may not have k to the, at the time, the new release of the full band would perform, but I still knew Linkin Park was a band that people should see. Looking back, whilst One More Light wasn’t the best album from the band, the live performances from that album were amazing, especially “Talking To Myself” and “One More Light”. Even if it wasn’t the last time Chester would perform, it still felt like a celebration of the band’s work up to that point. They even performed “New Divide”, which had appeared on the Transformers Soundtrack. There were at least one or two songs from each of their albums the band released since 2000. Whilst their differing spectrums of sounds between the beginning and end of their album styles was a little jarring at first, which I lay heavily into in my old review, it’s unfair to say that only one of those styles worked at that show. In fact, in hindsight, both worked well. They did craft an amazing setlist that was made for everyone to enjoy.

I do think the review I did back then was written back in my early days, where I didn’t really know what to put in a show review. In truth, this is still a favourite show of mine, because of the many emotions I felt in Barclaycard Arena at that point. I smiled and jumped along to tracks like “In The End” and “Good Goodbye”, and cried along with “One More Light” and “Crawling”. It’s one of the shows that hit me right in the core of my soul. And now that Chester is gone, it’s become an even more important show, not just for me, but for all Linkin Park fans. Videos are up on YouTube from this show, and I’d highly recommend watching them. It’s a special show that although some people were in attendance, many more should see.

The live recording of Chester Bennington's memorial gig, 'One More Light Live', is out now - stream it here.

Check out the video of the band performing 'One More Light' in memory of Soundgarden and Audioslave's Chris Cornell here:


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