• Charlotte Claber

Gunnersville: The Early Singles / Louder News

With Gunnersville fast approaching and You Me At Six focusing on their catalogue of killer singles, Louder runs through some of the earlier videos by bands across the line-up. Don't miss out and grab your tickets here.

You Me At Six:

HD quality in this video... it’s hard to believe that this OG song by You Me At Six is still one of their best songs, the first edition of the track was originally released in October 2007 and it’s still the staple of everyone’s emo playlist.

Jimmy Eat World:

Jimmy Eat World released Pain shortly after their Firestarter EP, a track that still goes off, Louder hopes that this sneaks its way onto the setlist. The track is 15 years old and shows Jimmy Eat Worlds growth as a band whilst showing the example they set to bands over time.

Deaf Havana:

A little heavier than the Deaf Havana we know now, it’s crazy to see the musical “glow-up”. Their latest tracks including ‘Worship’ are more The 1975 than the touch of metal that the band first came out with but its a growth that is garnering the band some great attention.

Sundara Karma:

One of the “younger” bands on the lineup, Sundara Karma bring a summery indie vibe to one of the last festivals of the season. ‘Flame’ being one of the bands first videos, it was later reimagined to represent Plato’s allegory of The Cave.

The Maine:

A song you definitely had on your Blackberry, “In Your Arms” was the video that made you slightly emotional but you never knew why. The band have never produced a bad song and this was a great start to their career.

As It Is:

These awkward teens look somewhat different in 2019 but As It Is have always nailed pop-punk, ‘Can’t Save Myself’ showed us the band in a true form and showed a real talent. The band now have a real identity and character that undoubtedly will go down well at Gunnersville.

Milk Teeth:

It’s safe to say that Milk Teeth have stayed close to their grunge roots over their short time as a band, they’ve created a presence not to be messed with and become a band to respect and look up to. They represent the underdogs and it is well appreciated on a lineup like Gunnersville.