• Naomi Sanders

Ice Nine Kills at Thekla, Bristol, 26/09/2019

Bristol isn’t thought initially as a place of music, especially rock and metal bands, but a surprising amount of bands have stopped by the city in recent years. Maybe it’s because of its atmosphere, where it is in the UK, or maybe because they have a venue that’s a boat! Yep, that’s Thekla, and inside was a band ready to deliver beloved films and books in a new and vibrant way. That band being Ice Nine Kills, coming all the way from Boston, Massachusetts, so to make their way to Bristol, let alone the UK, makes it special for those in attendance. So, how did these New England guys do to bring their American Nightmare to the shores of the UK?

Successfully! Mixing their setlist with songs from both The Silver Scream and Every Trick In The Book, the band delivered a theatrical twist to their songs as they performed it that night. From opening with “The American Nightmare” to the closing encore song, “IT Is The End”, the band delivered a full show with each of their songs, not just musically, but visually as well. With every song, the band would add costume pieces or props fitting accordingly to what the song is based off. For example, with Thank God It’s Friday, Jason masks are used, as well as a member of the crew dressing up as Jason’s mother. The only issue it caused was that, to gather these, the band often when on and off stage, which stalled the show more often than not. Obviously, it takes time to organise these theatrical pieces, but it did stagnate the set a bit. 

However, this was forgiven to the surprising additions that were fantastically performed, including “Rocking The Boat”, made special because it was performed on an actual boat, and “Tess-Timothy” from Every Trick In The Book, with the band asking for the women in the audience to be lifted on the shoulders on the guys next to them. This created a powerful moment, especially with the subject of the song is based on Tess of the d’Urbervilles. The interaction the band had with the audience from all members created a connection to the music and got everyone involved with all the atmosphere of the night.

There’s a power that Ice Nine Kills holds that makes each of their performances unforgettable. It’s that kind of power that, even after the encore song is played, the audience are still screaming your name for more. Every audience member witnessed something special, as each song was performed with thought behind how they should be presented and create not just a show, but an experience that is unique to this band alone, and one that people should not miss.

The Silver Scream is OUT NOW!

Photos by Charlotte Claber - Instagram

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