• Naomi Sanders

Interview with Frankie Sil & Austin Ingerman of New Years Day

A snowy day in Birmingham is the opposite of what Californian band, New Years Day, are used to in their home state, but as a location on their UK and European tour, the band couldn't have picked a better location to play metal in. As Unbreakable continues to win more and more people over, we chatted with bassist Frankie Sil and lead guitarist Austin Ingerman about how they make their show setlists and where they would like to play in the future.

How’s the tour been so far?

Frankie: It's been amazing. Every show has been almost nearly sold out or sold out. The energy from the crowd has been amazing pushing us forward. Yeah, it's been great.

How was it working on the music for Unbreakable?

Austin: Well, we were kind of trying to fuse the metal and the pop kind of vibe with that, so a lot of like the low tuned guitar riffs mixed with like, more like Kehlani style, like, you know, pop vocals and stuff like that. So we're, that was kind of the big direction. We're just trying to fuse those two styles together, really focus on those.

F: We did the Punk Goes Pop record. We did the “Gangster” song, with Halsey. When we were working on that, I was like “Man, it would be really cool to write a song that was ours and not a  cover” and I kind of had the idea of what came out of that song and I think that's how “Shut Up” was made.

What would you say is your favourite song from Unbreakable?

A: Me, I love “Done With You'' and I love “Unbreakable”. I love “MissUnderstood”

F: Probably “MissUnderstood” for me.

A: We haven't actually played that one live. We hope to add it pretty soon. The favourite that we play on the regular, I would probably have to say “Come For Me”. Yeah. And that's for sure.

What is the process for creating the setlists for your shows?

A: Most of it has it has that they have a good flow. You have to come out and it has to hit you in the chest.

F: We try to span the albums and stuff like that, you know, few the older songs mixed with, you know, some of the new ones and stuff like that.

A: There has to be a difference, there has to be the flow into it and then out of it back up almost like a roller coaster and like an emotional wound.

You're also doing some festival days as well like Welcome to Rockville. You're looking forward to those?

A: Yeah, absolutely.

F: Those are going to be killer!

A: Daytona Beach was where born so that's like it's like small town, coming home.

F: Yeah, it's gonna be really fun. A lot of bands I wanted to see, like Metallica.

A: The festivals are always welcome. Usually, we get there early you know for playing and like one or two pm we just go ahead and play and we have the whole thing just like hang out yeah it's an amazing talk to everybody.

Since biopic films are popular currently, if one was made about New Years Day, who would you want to play the band?

A: I would say Will Ferrell for me.

F: I'll go with Will Smith for me.

A: Johnny Depp to be Nikki, and for Ash, we’ll do Margot Robbie.

So when you go out there when you get on the stage, what's the big thing that you always look forward to?

A: For me it’s the connection with all the people around them seeing the smiling faces and for me like that's what it's all about, you know, just the fact that somebody can come out and say that, you know, we in some way inspire them. It's still amazing.

What do you think of Birmingham City?

F: We are from very warm places. It's very hard to try and stay warm! Then there’s snow that just sucks accumulated in like, what? Two inches in 30 minutes? Yeah.

A: We actually stayed in the same hotel here as we did last time. We're talking about how it's just like complete deja vu where like, I remember that! So the cool thing is like, whoa, I'm in a different country, but I kinda know where I'm at, at this point. So we're slowly starting to like recognise that.

F: But last time we were sitting there, like, across from this club called Snobs. And we were like, “Man, if it was open, we should just go”, but it wasn't open.

If there was a place that you haven't played before, where would it be?

A: Japan right now. Just never have as of yet.

F: I'd say Japan and then South America at some point. I've heard those crowds are crazy over there! So we'll have to get there at some point.

You’ve toured the lot with Halestorm and In This Moment, what was it like being with those bands?

A: Amazing. Those guys are top notch. Incredible, they’re what you want to aspire to be. Just watching and take notes

F: Absolutely. They are a class act for sure.

Once you're done with the tour and festival dates, what’s next for you?

F: We got the Halestorm run and then the festivals. Right now nothing is booked for the summer. Taking the time to stay focused on Halestorm stuff and then like, you know I can talk about the festivals are gonna be really fun. So I'm looking forward to it.

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