• Charlotte Claber

Knocked Loose / Louder Live / 01.12.2019

Frequently America receives tours the UK wishes they had a chance of seeing live but Oldham County’s very own Knocked Loose brings the A Different Shade of Blue album to the UK with a killer tour. Sheffield hardcore is main support with Malevolence alongside Renounced and Justice For The Damned, a lineup that truly represents some of the best in underground hardcore.

Justice For The Damned kicked off the evening bringing hardcore riffs over from Australia, an awkward emptiness lingers in the room with punters refusing to step forward due to the cartwheeling on the floor but the band aren’t phased, opening up with ‘Dragged Through The Dirt’, the band struggle to break through and reach the crowd but continue to fly through their set banging out highlights such as ‘No Brother, No Friend’. The band quickly exit and the crowd seems a little warmed up.

Next on, Renounced, a band whose third album landed in September. A sold out ULU is looking busier and ready for crunching riffs and burning energy. Bringing an attitude to the crowd that JFTD lacked, pits are moving quickly. ‘Self Inflicted’ sees the spirit in the crowd pick up with a visceral emotion shining out. A metalcore influence the band are a refreshing sound on the evening and a finish with ‘Saltation’ into ‘Love and Depression’ earns the band a booming response.

Sheffield underground steps forward in the form of Malevolence a band whose long writing process has fans lingering on every note for more music but it’s a set full of punching beats and fiery attitude. ‘Slave to Satisfaction’ into ‘Condemned to Misery’ felt like a slight step back in the setlist with the maturity of Self Supremacy shining through live, the technical ability is a real step up. A set full of surprises, fans of the band have been treated to a new song full of blasting grooves and a guest from headliners very own Bryan Garris. The band represent the underground scene but command the large room as if it was their own and undoubtedly that size will be there’s any time.

It’s no doubt at all that Knocked Loose have stepped up massively with sophomore album A Different Shade of Blue and their return to the UK has been long-awaited, even though it hasn’t been that long. The band has undoubtedly released one of the best albums of 2019 and prove that hardcore is well and truly back. Opening with ‘Trapped in The Grasp of a Memory’ the band have crowd surfers from all directions from the word go. Persisting on every lyric, the crowd are ready for two-stepping and pits all over. It would be to underestimate the band if they were described as a “baby band” though, a new presence to the scene, the band and their ferocious tracks are defining a generation and the latest release is a stand out for the decade. ‘All My Friends’ rips in and arms are flying in the air, pure joy comes from the sold out show, one of many. Their set speeds ahead with favourites like ‘Misguided Son’ and ‘By The Grave’ receiving echos back from dedicated fans but closing the set with ‘Billy No Mates’ into ‘Counting Worms’ the electricity in the room is intoxicating. The anticipation lingers in the air with fans screaming for more but it will have to wait for another time as the short but sweet set transcends desires.