• Jack Hadaway-Weller

LOUDER: Bandcamp Breakouts Vol. 1

Welcome to a new feature on Turn it Up Louder where will be going through a bunch of releases that we absolutely love from Bandcamp.

Each week we will be taking a deep dive and bringing you our top picks of artists which you might not have heard before.

To listen to each release, simply click on the album art.

Dogleg - Melee

Despite Dogleg's debut-LP Melee being recorded and self-produced straight-out of singer Alex Stoitsiadis' house in Detroit, it still sounds layered, energetic and charming. Melee is a blend of Midwest emo, post-hardcore and DIY grunge which is as energetic and it is angry. Think the energy of Pup or Jeff Rosenstock topped up with some At the Drive-In fury. Dogleg will support Joyce Manor on US dates later this year.

Best Track: Bueno

Drain - California Cursed

Santa Cruz-based Drain play thrashy hardcore which is punchy, chuggy and unforgiving. On their debut, California Cursed, the four-piece hurtle through 10 tracks in just over 22 minutes. With the record focusing on the gentrification of their tourist hotspot hometown, Drain manage to evoke feelings of not belonging and loss of identity whilst also sounding heavy, fast and fun. Think Power Trip meets Turnstile.

Best Track: Army Of One

CHARMPIT - Cause a Stir

CHARMPIT's debut album, Cause a Stir, is sugary-sweet, bouncy and the perfect piece of power-pop to perk you up if you've got the lockdown blues. With production by Rich Mandell from Happy Accidents, the London-based punk quartet share vocals on each song and specialise in jangly and catchy singalong hooks. Think Fresh but via the US West coast. CHARMPIT will support Diet Cig on their UK November tour.

Best Track: Wild Wild Westfield

Melkbelly - PITH

PITH, the second record from Chicago four-piece Melkbelly, is as much complex post-punk as it is loud and distorted noise-rock. Melkbelly's ability to regularly change tempo quickly on every song can be dizzying at times leaving parts of PITH to feel like a pounding attack. The percussion on PITH is absolutely relentless when coupled with layered fuzzy guitars. Think METZ or Lightning Bolt.

Best Track: Kissing Under Some Bats

What have I missed and what should I listen to next?

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