• Jack Hadaway-Weller

LOUDER: Bandcamp Breakouts Vol. 2

Welcome to the second edition of a new feature on Turn it Up Louder where will be going through a bunch of releases that we absolutely love from Bandcamp.

Each week we will be taking a deep dive and bringing you our top picks of artists which you might not have heard before.

To listen to each release, simply click on the cover art.

Infant Island - Sepulcher

As much screamo as it is blackgaze, Sepulcher, the new four-track release from Virginia-based Infant Island is a startling and unforgiving taste of what is to come on their upcoming full-length, Beneath, due out on May 15th. Sepulcher is chaotic and abrasive but with long, instrumental and tranquil post-rock parts which are equally as engulfing as the furious blast beats. Think Deafheaven via Converge.

Best Track: Unspoken

ALLERGEN - Honesty Hour

Despite ALLERGEN originally starting as a solo project of vocalist and guitarist Shannon Maroney, the indie-punk four-piece already sound fully formed on their debut EP, Honesty Hour. Maroney's emotive lyrics and vocals are the real stand out here but they are complimented well by the tight instrumentation throughout. This is a really impressive DIY first release. Think Lizzy Farrall with a dash of Wolf Alice.

Best Track: Uncomfortable



Italian artist MASTER BOOT RECORD makes complicated and layered synth metal that is so blisteringly quick, it sounds impossible for a human to play. FLOPPY DISC OVERDRIVE is an instrumental 8-bit arcade adventure with artificial riffs and intricate synths over a relentless drum machine. Think music for a boss in an 80s dungeon game but heavy, like Carpenter Brut.

Best Track: EDIT.COM

The Pack a.d. - It was fun while it lasted

On what they have called their final album Vancouver garage-rock duo The Pack a.d. have pulled together some offcuts from their past seven records for a full, cohesive release which sounds moody, dark and raw. Throughout the shared vocals are heavy against the crashing drums and dominant, psychy guitar. Think Band of Skulls or Deap Vally but moodier.

Best Track: Reprogram

What have I missed and what should I listen to next?

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