• Jack Hadaway-Weller

LOUDER: Bandcamp Breakouts Vol. 3

Welcome to the latest edition of our weekly feature on Turn it Up Louder where we go through a bunch of releases that we absolutely love on Bandcamp. Each week we will be taking a deep dive and bringing you our top picks of artists which you might not have heard before.

To listen to each release, simply click on the cover art.

pulses. - Speak It Into Existence

Speak It Into Existence, the second record from Virginia's pulses. contains some of the craziest instrumentals I have heard this year. Trombone, trumpet and sax all feature on this weird, fun and sugary post-hardcore LP which blends elements of screamo and math-rock. The shifting pace within each track makes for a challenging but ultimately rewarding listen. Think The Fall of Troy or Dance Gavin Dance.

Best track: Olivia Wild

The Sewer Cats - Zelda

Feminism, fuzz and cats. Those are the three things which you can hear throughout Zelda, the new EP from Manchester based garage punk duo The Sewer Cats. The aggressive, shouted vocals are very much the driving force within the band's DIY sound. However there is plenty of distorted and fuzzy guitar on this concise and no-nonsense EP. Think Bikini Kill or Petrol Girls with a hint of Melt-Banana.

Best Track: Raw

Feeny - Between the Bookends

On their latest release, Between the Bookends, New Jersey-based four-piece Feeny bring the pop-punk singalong choruses laced with mid-00s emo nostalgia. Despite this essentially being a breakup record, Feeny still manage to deliver upbeat and bouncy hooks throughout their debut full-length. The lyrics are bleak but work well with the record's chirpy guitar tone. Think Spanish Love Songs or Citizen.

Best Track: Better

Concrete Lawn - AGGREGATE

Sydney's Concrete Lawn play dirty hardcore which is fast, snappy and raw. The bass on AGGREGATE is really thick and heavy, the perfect accompaniment to the brash and snarling vocals which focus on colonialism, oppression and the abuse of power. AGGREGATE does sound like a short and sharp DIY punk release but with extra helpings of youthfulness, energy and anger. Think Gouge Away or Pagan.

Best Track: MILK

What have I missed and what should I listen to next?

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