• Jack Hadaway-Weller

LOUDER: Bandcamp Breakouts Vol. 7

Welcome to the latest edition of our feature on Turn it Up Louder where we go through a bunch of releases that we absolutely love on Bandcamp.

Once again we will be taking a deep dive and bringing you our top picks of artists who have been making waves on Bandcamp.

To listen to each release, simply click on the cover art.

Glorious - Unashamed

Despite featuring members of both Employed to Serve and Renounced, Glorious sound nothing like either of their two contributors. Their usual heavy, chugging and low metalcore guitar tones and harsh, screamed vocals have been replaced with bouncy drums, rapid hardcore riffs and shouted lyrics. Unashamed feels fun and retains the raw aggression from Glorious' main bands. Think Gouge Away or Refused.

Best Track: Fake

Dream Wife - So When You Gonna...

On their second full-length album London's Dream Wife once again bring together catchy pop hooks and jagged punk powerchords for another upbeat and energetic listen. So When You Gonna... also features tender moments which approach complex topics such as miscarriage and loss. Dream Wife thread in these stories in an accessible way which many groups would find difficult. Think Orchards or Deap Vally.

Best Track: RH RN


Wren's latest release, GROUNDSWELLS, is as gloomy as their last two with elements of atmospheric sludge metal and overdrive-filled noise rock making for a challenging but rewarding listen. Wren use a chugging and sometimes drone-like guitar tone which gives them this towering sound. The drums are more complex than many other sludge releases which gives Wren a fuller sound. Think Conjurer or OHHMS.

Best Track: Crossed Out Species

The Unfit - The Unfit

Even though they have been a band since 2012, The Unfit's self-titled record is their first ever proper release. The Seattle-based four-piece have a DIY garage sound backed up by feedback-heavy guitars and distorted bass. Their debut LP embraces hardcore and grunge in places without straying too far from their core punk sound. Think Single Mothers or Plague Vendor.

Best Track: Caged Rats and Hamster Wheels

What have I missed and what should I listen to next? Drop me a line - jhadawayweller@gmail.com