• Naomi Sanders

LOUDER FEATURES: 12 DRUMMERS DRUMMING - A Celebration of the Back Beat in the Band

Passing through Bristol stands the South West's only metal-dedicated record store, Black City Records. Just off the famous Christmas Steps, it's a special spot for many to escape and indulge in the world of metal and music. So even at this time of year, when the Christmas Quarter do their annual Christmas Windows, Black City had to of course take part in their own metal way with their window.

Inspired by this window and the fantastic drummers featured at this time of year, we decided to feature other amazing drummers in rock, metal, and alternative music that we think should be celebrated in equal measure. So below are 12 drummers that we love because they do the best behind the kit and push the limits of rhythm.


Photo: Chris Schmitt

First up, the incomparable Emily Moon from glam rock outfit, STARBENDERS! There’s something dynamic about her style of playing and the intricacies in her rhythms - not just in the mini fills between song sections, but even in “Cover Me”, it helps drive the song along but is it’s own magical flair in the song. The band wouldn’t be the glam stars we know without this incredible musician in the mix.

Website: https://www.starbenders.com


Photo: GlitchersBand

Coming in next is SOPHIE from hardcore punk band GLITCHERS- and what a terrific band they are! Their sound wouldn’t be what it is without their excellent drumming skills, accentuated by cymbals during different sections of the songs - you just need to hear the introduction to “Suck It!” to hear how incredible the drumming is within the band and their music. The fact that the band roll up anywhere and perform around the country adds to how dedicated they are to their punk roots and I applaud them for all they do. This duo are amazing, and Sophie is definitely one of the reasons to love and support Glitchers.

Website: http://glitchersband.co.uk/


Photo: Naomi Sanders

Can’t do a countdown like this without the badass MARY PRINCE of grunge trio MUDDIBROOKE! The Lunacy EP is evidence enough for just how incredible this band is, and Mary is the piece that holds it together. From encouraging that grunge energy from the get go in “Straight Jacket”, to the harsh and fierce beats in “Devil”, even helping breathe new life into songs the band covered like “You Don’t Own Me” and “Little One”. Mary plays an intricate part of the band and, with her skills and techniques, will definitely help see the band soar through 2022 and beyond!

Website: https://www.muddibrooke.com


Photo: Joe Stanley

In comes JESS STANLEY of ASHEN REACH! One listen to their album, Homecoming, and you’ll understand why! Getting the chance to see the band in action this year was a real highlight, especially watching Jess in action - whilst my personal favourite is “Heir To The Throne”, it’s because of the pairing of the riff with Jess’ drumming, especially with the steady beat of the kick drum and the intensity the hi-hat brings with that song. If you ever have the chance to catch them live, do! Absolutely amazing - they’ve been teasing new things coming up from the band and I can’t wait to see, especially if Homecoming is anything to go by!

Website: http://www.ashenreach.co.uk


Photo: Leigh Ann Rodgers

Onto this amazing drummer, ADA JUAREZ of pop punk trio MEET ME @ THE ALTAR! “Model Citizen” is an incredible EP, but their previous ones like “Bigger Than Me” and “Changing States” are also go to listens, especially with Ada’s drumming. Driving, punchy, and bringing together both pop style and punk style of drumming, songs like “Garden” and “How Could You Ever (Lie)” are examples of this amazing combination and how Ada makes it their own. Goal for 2022 is to finally see Meet Me @ The Altar live!

Website: https://www.meetmeatthealtar.com


Photo: Joe Stanley

Another I managed to catch live and another named Jess! Yep, JESS HARTLEY of rock trio HAXAN! The hype surrounding this band is real, and it’s easy to see why, especially in the rhythm department. Seriously though, Jess is a stand out performer in the band, and her hard hitting beats are just incredible to hear and witness! Fast paced and gritty in “Damned If You Do”, driving in “Black Sheep”, and jammy in “Living Dead”, there’s a great mixture of rock beats and then some with that Jess flair. As they said in that latter song, they’re “un-fucking-forgettable” - listen to White Noise today, treat yourself to this incredible band!

Website: http://www.haxan.co.uk


Photo: Renan Facciolo

Can’t do a post series like this without the epic LUANA DAMETTOof death metal CRYPTA! If you wanna talk about fierce drummers, Luana has to be part of the conversation! The stamina needed for their music is astounding, and Luana does an incredible job throughout the whole of Crypta’s album, “Echoes Of The Soul”. Just incredible incredible work on this album, like with songs “From The Ashes”, “Under The Black Wings”, and more on this album! Luana is an integral part of the band and Crypta are just amazing.

Website: https://www.cryptaofficial.com


Photo: SixSIxPics

Moving onto the powerful drummer herself, LALA FRISCHKNECHT of power metal quintet BURNING WITCHES! And when I say powerful, I MEAN powerful, like, WOW! Some of the most powerful drumming rhythms can be heard from Lala, like in “The Circle of Five”, “Nine Worlds” and “Lady Of The Woods”. Seriously, if you haven’t checked out “The Witch of the North” it’s honestly one of the best albums of this year, and Lala’s drumming just completes each and every song on there! Don’t burn witches, because they all make excellent music!

Website: https://www.burningwitches.ch


Photo: Ueli Frey

A fantastic hard rock drummer, EMLEE JOHANSSON from THUNDERMOTHER! There’s just something so powerful about the band and their music, and it definitely comes to Emlee’s drumming and her skills heard in their music. I mean, “You Can’t Handle Me” for example! Others like “Purple Sky” are beautiful and kept at that powerful but steady pace. Highlighting the best with the cymbals, but keeping that groove and flow needed that helps accompany the song as well as show off her incredible skills on the kit. Emlee easily finds the balance and it’s just stunning to hear! A true icon in one incredible band!

Website: https://www.thundermother.com


Photo: Cameron Gile

We’re on Drummer 10 with a 10/10 drummer, MEGHAN HERRING of punk/riot duo, DOLL SKIN! Whilst the band have gone through recent changes, Meghan’s drumming has remained consistent and fiery as ever! From Puncha Nazi to Control Freak, from Let’s Be Honest to Eat Shit, the band have just released incredible music after incredible music, and Meghan’s drumming helps elevate that power and grit in the music, whilst also delivering the sincere moments, like in Sweet Pea. Doll Skin are one for the ages in sound, style, and energy, and Meghan as their dynamic drummer is one to be celebrated alongside Sydney Dolezal.

Website: http://www.dollskinband.com


Photo: Kaylene Widdoes

Have to feature this incredible person, BROOKE COLUCCI of hard rock quartet PLUSH! Have to admit, these four have become one of my favourite bands of this year, their music is just dynamic! Brooke is the fantastic piece of a delicious pie, keeping the steady beats whilst also delivering excellent fills and rhythms - intro to Hate, hello?? Iconic. Other songs, like the tender and sincere Sober, fierce Champion, and harsh but honest Sorry, are brilliant and Brooke is commanding whilst assisting the music and is just great all around. Plush delivered one of the best albums of this year, and Brooke’s drumming is an outstanding part of a beautiful record. Can’t wait for more from this band.

Website: https://www.plushrocks.net


Photo: The Runaways

Rounding up to 12 is the legend herself, the absolute icon that is SANDY WEST from THE RUNAWAYS. Any drummer should take note from what Sandy played and put on that first debut record. Whilst everyone knows “Cherry Bomb”, other tracks like “Blackmail”, “You Drive Me Wild”, and the epic “Dead End Justice” show the skill and ingenuity that is put in with each track! Sadly no longer with us, I hope Sandy is still inspiring drummers today with her techniques and rhythm, and that her memory lives on in the music. Rock in power, you incredible bean.

Website: http://therunaways.com

From all of us at TURN IT UP LOUDER, Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and wishing everyone the best for 2022!