• Naomi Sanders

LOUDER FEATURES: 5 Things We Have Learned From The 'On Wednesdays We Wear Black' Podcast

Wednesdays have just improved to the max with the new podcast released this week, 'On Wednesdays We Wear Black', now on Spotify and Apple Podcasts via The Heavy Network. Hosted by legends in the industry, Sophie K of Kerrang! Radio; musician and DJ Alyx Holcombe; and internet’s favourite emo, Yasmine Summan; the three of them discuss their experiences within the music industry, as well as many other topics of interest within their lives. As we dived into the first episode and listened intently for the near-hour, here are 5 things that we learned from this new and exciting podcast. Also...PEW PEW PEW!

1. Don’t Make Anything Pea-Related for Alyx

Starting off on a light-hearted story, Alyx reminisced about a time when she hooked up with a guy and how it turned into a disaster. The first red flag for her was that the guy made her a pea omelette when she is not a fan of peas in themselves! Firstly, making a pea omelette for anyone is a choice, especially for someone you would want to impress into the bedroom. Secondly, who created a recipe for a pea omelette?! Alyx later mentions that she threw the omelette out of the window when he wasn’t looking, and spotted it on her walk of shame...it’s what it deserves.

2. Inform Yasmine If You Want To Go To the Sealife Centre With Them

Yasmine and their partner have a tradition where they visit the Sealife Centre on their anniversary. But as they revealed in the podcast, it didn’t easily start out like that! As the two were walking to celebrate their anniversary, Yas turned to them and hoped they weren’t going to the Sealife Centre for the second year in the row...little did they know that their partner pulled out two tickets for the centre as they turned the corner to the entrance! They both still had a great time visiting and looking at the fish, so at least that moment didn’t ruin it for the both of them.

3. “If [band members] had stopped sending dick pics, we would still have Warped Tour”

Whilst there are fun light-hearted sections of the podcast, the trio also touch on important topics within the music industry. One such issue is the cancellation of different bands due to their members acting inappropriately with their fans. Alyx mentioned that it’s hard to keep up with as more musicians are exposed for their actions. The clever person that she is, Sophie quips, “If they stopped sending dick pics, we would still have Warped Tour”! Truer words were never spoken.

4. Make sure to remove tampons before sex

Another Alyx story, this time not realising that she still had her tampon in before getting into bed with another person. She mentioned that she didn’t realise until the guy had mentioned something about it, so she sneakily hid it under the man’s bed! Luckily, she did retrieve it before he realised anything, but sex stories like this are refreshing to hear in our modern age of sexual expression. Also, Alyx needs a partner of her own because we don’t want them to be repeated!

5. This is a podcast the rock and metal industry needs

It’s strange how it’s taken this long for a podcast like this to be made, where three POC in the music industry talk about their experiences and their unfair treatment whilst doing their job. Yasmine spoke about how they’re often tested by music fans if they know all the songs by a band, or like a band just because they’re popular. This is a common trend that women and non-binary people face within rock and metal and even though this trio have interviewed and met many musicians, they are still faced with this prejudice for no reason. The three were disrespected in Facebook comments as well after the episode went live, showing that they are doing something right if they’re riling up the bigots.

The first episode, 'I Bet Chad Kroeger Is Good In Bed' is live now across all podcast platforms with more to come every Wednesday - be sure to tune in and listen intently - we love it, and we know you guys will! Remember - PEW PEW PEW!!!