• Charlotte Hardman

LOUDER FEATURES: Alternative Bronze, Silver, and Gold tunes to get you hyped for Tokyo 2020

The Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games are now in full swing, and there have already been so many stand-out moments, soundtracked by some incredible, rousing tunes. But what every athlete across the Games' gyms, pools, and tracks is yearning for is one of those elusive three medals - gold, silver, or bronze. So while you cheer your favourite athletes on from the comfort of your sofa (most likely with a bag of crisps in hand!), why not manifest those dreams into the universe for them by playing some of the best Gold, Silver, and Bronze-themed tunes in the business? Here are our picks to get you started:

'Gold Steps' - Neck Deep

Nobody brings the fun and fire to a party quite like pop punk legends Neck Deep, and their smash hit single 'Gold Steps' is the definition of a riotous anthem. And with such iconically inspiring lines as "Now I've been moving mountains, that I once had to climb", this track is guaranteed to get you pumped for taking on any momentous task - be it an Olympic final, or just tackling that huge pile of washing that currently resides on the chair in the corner of your room!

'Concrete and Gold' - Foo Fighters

Masters of skyward-soaring stadium rock, the Foos' earthy, grumbling closer to their recent album of the same name drips with all the right amount of wicked-sharp derision in its opening verses - perfect for a wild-west-style stare-off with your biggest rival on the track or in the pool.

'Golden Age Of Not Even Trying' - Dead!

Another title track guaranteed to blow your head off! Poppy, eclectic, and flickering with a bright swagger, this number is the perfect soundtrack to the infectious joy of having just achieved the dream of a lifetime - including a perfect earworm of a guitar riff that will have you humming along long after the lights go down. Sadly, Dead! themselves are no more, but this track will definitely stand the test of time.

'Gold On the Ceiling' - The Black Keys

That iconic opening riff is always unmistakable no matter where you are in the world, and its funk-infused vigour is enough to get toes tapping and heads bopping even in the tensest of pre-event waits!

'House of Gold' - twenty one pilots

Looking for something a little more sentimental to soundtrack those inevitable emotional Olympic moments? For many athletes, it is their parents and their families who allow their dreams to come true by spending countless hours in gyms, on freezing cold running tracks, or in sweltering pools, cheering their children on to glory. Nothing could be more appropriate to honour those unsung heroes than this touching track from twenty one pilots - an ode to the unbreakable bond between a mother and her child.

Honourable mentions to anything by Goldfinger, of course!

'Silver Tongues' - Crows

Huge and bruising in tone, the undulating bass-line in the opening seconds could well be a walk-on song for the fiercest of fighters heading to the ring. Few songs will make you feel like more of a badass than this darkly bubbling tune!

'(Fuck A) Silver Lining' - Panic! at the Disco

Alternatively, at the complete opposite end of the spectrum, we have this supremely poppy offering from the genius musical mind of Brendon Urie. Packed to the brim with blisteringly bright brass section and Urie's soaring vocals, any post-event victory party would not be complete without a good dose of this feel-good party piece.

'Silver' - Waterparks

Scrappy around the edges, this early offering from Waterparks, who are now cemented as pop rock titans, has all the charm of a riotous pop punk rager. If its energy you're looking for, you'll find it here in spades. Ready to set off running at the drop of that chorus?

Once again, honourable mentions go to any track by Silverstein; they're all great!

'Bronze' - Stormzy

Edging out from under the rock umbrella a little, Stormzy's rippling vocals on this track, which tell a story of fighting your way to the top in an industry that wants to hold you down is very resonant with the tenacity it takes to reach Olympic level. "If I'm in the race I won't lose" - now THAT is a positive growth mindset if ever there was one!

'The Bronze' - Queens of the Stone Age

Heady and undulating, the guitars on the track perfectly encapsulate the wind maelstrom of emotions during a hotly-contested race. The pitch, the fall, and then the rise of hope once more as the finish line races ever closer - that is the beauty of sport, and of this dark rock track.

'Tied in Bronze Chains' - Satyricon

This ten-minute long metal epoch is devastatingly heavy from the outset, full of viper-like vocals and scything guitars that slash and squeal across this epic's entire length. What better way to totally terrify the competition by playing this in the call room before you step out on to the track, eh?

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