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LOUDER FEATURES: Bands to Watch in 2022

Note from the Editor in Chief: Over the years, I’ve loved through the medium of Turn It Up Louder, that I’ve been able to find some superb new talent as they enter the scene and grow. Narrowing it down every year becomes so difficult and that’s why my editor list is a little bit longer this time, one last time this is Turn It Up Louder’s Bands to Watch in 2022.

Charlotte Claber - Founder/Editor In Chief

Love is Noise is simply that. Melodic noise, shoegaze influences and the northern two piece are creating sonically stellar tracks. With two down so far, you’ll be captivated by the essence of the tracks, gripping you throughout and they’ll leave you wanting more. And that’s a good job because it looks like they’re teasing the next chapter.

In The Mourning take influences like Avril Lavigne and bring a brighter energy and tone to them, when ‘At What Cost’ dropped, no one was ready to have this stuck in their head 24/7 but there it is. Followed up by an EP featuring Nightlife’s Hansel Romero, an acoustic, an instrumental and a cover this act are ready to give us more and give us music following a more pop route. The scene should take note, collaborate more and be more open to change and creativity. It’s refreshing.

Softcult give us a dazey indie and shoegaze dream, their 2021 EP 'Year Of The Rat' set the bar of what the band can do and then they gave us a handful of even more great singles. The twins give us pop bangers with a twist, bringing their honest experiences to the lyrics and their music from depression to gaslighting, this music is real and honest to the core.

Charlotte Hardman: Senior Editor

The underground music scene is booming right now in Stoke-on-Trent, and of the many awesome acts coming through in the city, one band to definitely keep an eye on are thrashing metallers Black Coast. Having just released their debut album ‘Outworld’ late last year, they have proven that their talent for thundering chorus lines and searing, white-hot vocals, which are masterfully crafted on tracks such as ‘Burn’, can also sit comfortably alongside the creeping cleans in the opening refrain of ‘Ache’, and the intricately noodling melodies that overture ‘Paradise’. If you like your music heavy, with a spark of razor-sharp intellect at its core, then these guys will be your ears’ new best friends.

Naomi Sanders: Deputy Editor:

New York based quartet Lovehoney released their debut self-titled album back in February. Come December and it’s still getting played constantly across the world. Bringing that “new wave of classic rock” into their own and putting their own twist to the style, there is a lot of potential and talent to behold with this foursome. It will definitely be exciting to watch them grow and expand their style across the world.

Sadie Maude, Contributor:

My one to watch for 2022 are Manchester based indie band Larkins. I know what you’re thinking. ‘Another indie band from Manchester, what could be so special about them?’ Well… Larkins have spent the past couple of years finding their footing in the Manchester music scene, playing iconic venues like Night and Day Café as well as classic indie club 42s. They have also recently released their long-awaited debut album which has seen them secure a slot at ‘Y Not?’ festival next year as well as embarking on their own UK tour over the Spring. Larkins are most definitely on the move!

Sean Hubbard, Contributor:

Sheffield’s Hidden Mothers are the band to watch for 2022. Whilst their self-titled EP came out in 2020, the band have finally managed to make appearances live across the UK, supporting the likes of Blood Youth, Earth Moves and Employed To Serve, garnering a cult following. With Sunbather era Deafheaven blackgaze, the band feel like they’re conquering the underground already. With a full length potentially appearing next year, let’s see if they can live up to expectations.

Alex Swift, Contributor:

This four-piece have already started to make waves across the UK’s alternative rock scene. The debut album ‘Don’t Turn Out the Lights’ released early in 2021 is an impressive set of songs with a sound that brought together the raucous energy of early Green Day with the soaring melodies and vivid experimentation of acts like the Foo Fighters or Queens of the Stone Age. That was recorded and performed entirely by their frontman Andy L Smooth who used the writing process to overcome a period of creative stagnation and hardship in his life – a central theme of the album, and an especially poignant one given…*gestures at the current state of hellword*. So why are these ones to watch? Well, the act has had a particularly hectic second half of the year, having already formed into a band to perform the songs that Smooth wrote, and amassing sizeable crowds based on both the strength of these songs and the positive critical reception they’ve received. I can’t say for sure what will happen for Skinny Knowledge in 2022, except that there will almost certainly be a lot more shows! I was greatly saddened a few weeks ago when I heard that they played in my nearest city in support of Tom Auton and the Bottlebreakers, without me knowing ahead of time. Its for that reason - as well as the fact that I adore their anthems - that I’m determined to be at least one of their shows in the coming year! Who knows? We might even see them gaining more traction, playing bigger venues, or supporting larger acts. The band have already briefly teased new music on their social media, a few weeks ago as I write this. Will that see the light of day and how will they sound as a full band, rather than just one member playing all the instruments? The fact that these questions are even necessary proves that Skinny Knowledge have made an impression on me. As time moves forward, I hope they can do the same for many others.

Nathan Lagden, Contributor:

King Witch are a gorgeous sonic blend of all of the bombastic riffs of classic heavy metal with the dramatic soundscapes of modern doom and psychedelic metal. Having formed in 2015 as a four-piece consisting of Laura Donnelly (vocals) Jamie Gilchrist (guitars), Joe Turner (bass) and Lyle Brown (drums); King Witch have two albums, two Eps and a well-earned reputation as one of the country’s finest underground live acts. This is a reputation that they proved this summer at Bloodstock Festival, and with almost two years since their last album, King Witch could well be set for a formative 2022.