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LOUDER FEATURES: Bands we can't wait to see live after lockdown

Charlotte Claber, Founder and Editor in Chief:

After a year of praying for new music, live shows and more. Whittling it down to one band is personally one of the most difficult decisions I've had to make. There's so many great albums that were released in the pandemic and so many more to come. One of these releases though was the live recordings of songs from Stray From The Path's 'Internal Atomics'. Tracks were taken from the bands December 6th show at the O2 Islington at the end of 2019. There's an unrestricted energy when you go and see a band Stray From The Path live and this show was no different.

Going back and listening to these tracks live again really reminded me of the love I have for this band but the excitement I get for their shows. Expect anger, power and nothing but passion from the band, every lyric, beat player and riff strummed is played with conviction. Get ready to shout "NAZI PUNKS FUCK OFF" in unison because there's something that this crowd all have in common and it's a strong distaste for the alt-right and right wing politicians/rulers that have destroyed countries worldwide. If you want to listen to a band using their voice to speak out, it's this band. The electricity from their shows is outstanding making these my ones to catch next time they're around. And maybe we will see a cheeky appearance from Sam Carter of Architects, a focal point that has become the best surprise at the bands London shows.

Charlotte Hardman, Senior Editor:

The band I am most excited to see after lockdown is undoubtedly My Chemical Romance. The day they announced their reunion, I called all my friends, and we devised a strategy to make sure we all got tickets for at least one of their comeback shows. My first day in my new job, I risked getting in major trouble by constantly checking my phone to see if my partner had managed to get us tickets - and I then had to run to the bathroom for a tactical cry when he told me he had! And then... coronavirus. Lockdown came slamming down on both the UK and US, and the shows were postponed for another year. Thankfully, us My Chem fans are used to waiting, having had to hang on for a reunion for seven years already. And, getting to hear anthemic tracks like 'Welcome to the Black Parade', 'Helena', and 'Famous last Words' live will be more than worth the wait after all! I'd better get on to sharpening my eyeliner pencils and dig out those fingerless gloves!

Sadie Maude, Writer:

I am probably most excited to see Sea Girls! They have been one of my favourite bands for the past year and recently released their debut album, so that is pretty much all I have been listening to! All of their songs are pure indie bangers, and they’re I can only imagine hoe insane these songs must be live. I was meant to see them on three occasions this year both in the UK and abroad, but sadly these events have been rescheduled because of Coronavirus. Fingers crossed the rescheduled events go ahead next year and I can finally experience their songs properly rather than living vicariously through peoples Facebook videos!

Another band I would love to see is Red Hot Chili Peppers. I’ve listened to them on and off for years, but they have always been pretty near the top for bands I’d love to see live. My first opportunity to see them came when I was 14/15 but they were playing at a big festival and I didn’t really have anyone to go with, so I gave it a miss. They are such an iconic band, and I am desperate to see them while I still have the chance. There are certain songs that you just need to hear live during your lifetime and ‘Give It Away’ is definitely one of mine!

Sean Hubbard, Writer:

Photo Credit: Gareth Bull

What better band to herald a return to gigs than the legendary Every Time I Die? Just imagine, completely silence, completely dark and then suddenly “I want to be dead with my friends” rings out as the iconic Buffalo crew rip into ‘Underwater Bimbos From Outer Space.’ Anyone who has ever seen them can attest to the pure energy from the NY five-piece, you know exactly what you’re going to get from an ETID show, which is absolute mayhem.

With a consistently excellent career spanning eight albums to date, each one better than the last there is a reason that this band are influences on almost every modern heavy band at every level, from Architects to Blood Youth. There’s even a professional wrestler within their ranks, guitaristAndy Williams who wrestles under the moniker ‘The Butcher.’ This band don’t just play punk rock, they are the living embodiment of it, and their Southern-tinged brand of hardcore is the perfect recipe for headwalking and spin kicks.

The first show back after COVID will be a cathartic affair, and there’s no better way to get out all of the emotions that’ll be in the room than with a great big sweaty mosh to the greatest hardcore band of all time. With a ninth album en route there is every chance that we will finally get ETID’s return to these shores in 2021, so lets all just cross our fingers really fucking hard that this vaccine comes through.

Simone Barton, Writer:

With all lockdown restrictions this year, I chose to spend a lot of my newfound free time listening to new music. One of the artists I discovered and listened to alot is Ghostemane. His recent release 'Anti-Icon' blew me away, and I cannot wait to see some of the tracks performed live.

Whilst I've been to my share of metal and hardcore shows, I have never experienced a trap metal artist perform, and the combination of rap, metal, and industrial sounds would create the best atmosphere for a live show. Most rock and metal fans right now are missing the feeling of most pits, or even missing getting what they hope is beer thrown over them in the crowd, and for me Ghostemane is the perfect place to start to get back into those vibes after a year of no gigs.

I also want to start going back to live gigs again by seeing someone I’ve never seen before, and as I said previously, I’ve never seen anyone like Ghostemane in concert before. Ghostemane is someone who puts a lot of detail in his projects, which is seen visually in his music videos, and I can’t wait to hopefully be able to see what he has in store for touring Anti-Icon next year.

Nathan Lagden, Writer:

Personally, live music has been the thing I have missed more than anything else during 2020 and while it may be a little optimistic, I am hoping to be able to return to gigging ways in April with one of the best live bands in the business. I have only ever seen legendary Scots Biffy Clyro at Download Festival, and both times they owned the big stage. Ahead of their second Download headline slot and off the back of their new album 'A Celebration of Endings', the trio will be doing an intimate show at my favourite London venue the Kentish Town Forum, and I cannot wait to see what Biffy Clyro in an intimate venue will be like! Everything they do is an incredible blend of craft and passion and to be able to experience that in a small setting full of dedicated fans I am sure will be the best possible way to kick off a comeback of live music in my life. Live music’s magic at its very best is that it manages to bring together spectacle with intimacy, individuality with community, and chaos with serenity; all of which are Biffy specialities. Mon the Biff!

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