• Charlotte Hardman

LOUDER FEATURES: Cold Years' Top 5 Debut Albums You Have To Hear

Though we may be heading into an ever more bitesize, single-focused musical landscape, there is still no denying that debut albums are the first chance a band really has to impress upon their fans exactly what they're about. Albums allow songwriters to explore the issues that affect them in greater depth, while musicians can weave interconnected soundscapes that grow and morph with increased complexity. Yet, for the casual music fan, committing to an entire album from a band unknown to them has become something of a daunting prospect. Thirty, forty, even fifty minutes of music is a lot to digest, and so many avoid delving headfirst into the unknown all together.

But the debut album from Aberdeen-based quartet Cold Years is a prime example of exactly why avoiding debut albums is a grave mistake to make. Their first full -length release, 'Paradise', has been met with rave reviews, as it boasts unsullied vocals that glisten and glow throughout, alongside raucous guitar lines and uplifting melodies. Blending elements of rock n' roll, punk, and Americana, it is as crystal clear and authentic as modern rock gets.

Still don't believe me? Well we spoke to Cold Years' frontman Ross Gordon about five other debut albums that shaped his musical upbringing, as proof that you can absolutely get it right first time round:

Pearl Jam – 'Ten'

I remember listening to this record in the car with my dad as a kid and that band was instrumental in making me want to write songs. Searing rock and Roll with McCready and Crossey smashing guitar solos in left right and centre. It was like Hendrix on cocaine. Just incredible fast paced songwriting at it’s finest. I really don’t think debut albums get any better than this.

Ramones – 'Ramones'

Discovering punk rock changed my life. It made me realise that anyone could do it if they worked hard enough. This record is timeless. “Beat on the Brat” is one of my favourite songs of all time. I literally would never have even picked up a guitar without this record.

Fatherson – 'I Am An Island'

I love this band so much. We’ve supported them a couple of times, and they are simply incredible live. My favourite song off this record is “Half The Things” – “Half the things in here don’t work, but I don’t have the heart to sort them out” – beautiful.

Social Distortion - 'Mommy's Little Monster'

Brilliant from start to finish. I don’t care what anyone says, Mike Ness is the coolest person on the planet. This band have been through it all, but this is where they started and you can see the catchy, anthemic punk rock in it’s infancy. But it has tonnes of attitude. Young kids writing songs like that. Nuts.

Dire Straits – 'Dire Straits'

This was the soundtrack to my Saturday nights at 4-5 years old. My dad is a huge Dire Straits fan, and so am I. Knophler is God. Forget Clapton. Favourite track: “Down To The Waterline” – probably the best opening track I’ve ever heard in my life.

So there you have it - five debut albums that defined the careers of five amazing bands. Looking for the next band to make it big off their debut record? 'Paradise' by Cold Years is out now - so go give it a listen!

Check out the band's latest video for 'Life With A View' below:


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