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LOUDER FEATURES: 'Hangar' Lyric Breakdown with Weatherstate

Welcome back to Lyric Breakdown, where we give you the inside scoop on the meaning behind your favourite band's lyrics! In this edition, we chatted to vocalist Harry Hoskins from punk rock protégés Weatherstate about their latest single 'Hangar'. A bundle of frenetic punk rock energy, this track gathers up all the frustration, anger, pain, and hurt that the past year has inflicted upon us all, and fires it all back at you in under three minutes of gloruosily feverish, rabble-rousing music! But how did the track's emphatic lyrics come together? Read on to find out...

Listen along to 'Hangar' here:

Are these feelings of anxiety something you struggle with regularly? How do you cope with managing your emotions?

Before we get going and to paint the wider picture of 'Hangar' – whilst being 100% genuine to my feelings at the time, my artistic approach in regards to lyrics has always been less literal and more about capturing a feeling at 100mph, and using music as an outlet for that emotion you are feeling at the time. The theme of both 'Hangar' and all our new material reflects the state of the current world and the feelings of anxiety and panic that a lot of people, including myself, have felt. Everyone has their own way of dealing with this and there is absolutely no right or wrong way, however mine has always been to try and channel these emotions in creating something productive - in my case, music.

Who is the chorus addressed to? Is it anyone in particular?

The song is about a phone call with an old friend in the midst of 2020, and our conversation about how both of us were struggling at the time, for different reasons, but ultimately were able to find comfort in each others’ stories.

Has drinking been a way for you to escape problems in your life? Has it been an issue for those around you?

Not directly. However, everyone has their own crutch in life which they use to help them through situations. I’m not here to throw shade on anyone’s different choices in how they deal with adversity. The friend in question at the time was using alcohol as a coping mechanism to an extent, like many have/do, but the premise of the song goes deeper than that, it's not about someone’s habits in such a literal way like that. These are just destructive routines we find ourselves getting into, simply a by-product of those negative feelings.

This is a darkly powerful image – is there a metaphorical meaning to it as well as the literal one?

I take strong inspiration on lyrical themes from bands like Saves The Day, Green Day, and Bayside. I have always loved the hyper negative / over the top style approach to lyrics; the contrast between soft melodies and horrible sounding/gnarly lyrical phrases has always fascinated me. This is a prime example of where that inspiration came through. The lyric isn’t literally about sticking a fork inside a socket, and as a disclaimer for anyone reading this - definitely don’t do that!

Do you find yourself taking on the blame for things that aren’t necessarily your fault?

This line refers to life catching up with you; suffering the burden of your own decisions. Being content with the fact that, however you choose to help yourself in life, if it's in a negative way, that will come back to bite you at some point. The short-termism approach to getting yourself through something as traumatic as 2020 was will have repercussions on people and society going forward.

Is this line a metaphor for feeling as though you have nothing left to give, or does it have a more literal meaning for you?

Exactly that. This line is a metaphor for feeling at rock bottom, thinking it surely can’t get any worse, and feeling that your possessions are worthless when searching for the feeling of being content and happy.

What would you say to people experiencing the same kind of emotions or feelings you are projecting in this track?

Again, going back to the hyper negative approach to songwriting and lyrics, the end line of the chorus I feel encapsulates the mood of the whole song: the waking up in a negative frame of mind, wanting to shut yourself away from everyone and everything. This is a bottled-up moment of those emotions coming out in the most harsh way, put under a microscope and dialled up to 10. I feel it is important to have an outlet for those feelings, which many people I’m sure can relate to at some point in their lives.

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