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LOUDER FEATURES - Mixtape Medley with Hell-ios

Welcome back to Mixtape Medley, where we take you inside the current playlists and childhood CD collections of your favourite up-and-coming bands! This editions features alt rock duo Hell-ios. Being a musical duo, one might imagine, gives you a narrower range of personal tastes and influences from which to draw: yet for Hell-ios, their tastes overlap enough for them to find common ground from which to mould and shape their own sound, but also enough diversity to make for some individual mark-stamping. But which songs are they loving most right now?

All the songs mentioned below have been compiled into this handy playlist - listen along here:

Which songs remind you most of your childhood?

Ali - The OPM album, 'Menace to Sobriety'. It’s an absolute feel good album that was always played by my parents and brother. It always reminds me of summer in my childhood home.

Ben – This is definitely a mixed bag of tunes for me but the two songs that stick out the most for me are ‘Where is the love’ by The Black Eyed Peas from hearing it on the radio all the time as a kid and ‘I’m Not Ok (I Promise) by My Chemical Romance because my mum never took Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge out of the CD player in the car!

Which bands did you have the most posters of in your room when you were a teenager?

Ali - My room was covered in Kerrang magazine cut outs, any bands I was into at the time went on the wall!

Ben – I used to collect Kerrang and blu-tac all of the posters to my wall, there was definitely a lot of My Chemical Romance and Linkin Park posters in my room when I was a teenager

Do you have any songs you wrote when you were younger that you are still proud of?

Ali - Not a single one! My first handful of songs couldn’t have been much worse but that’s what it’s all about! Practice makes perfect and persistence is everything. I like to things I’ve improved since then!

Ben – Before Hell-ios I was in metalcore band when I was about 17 or 18 called Kings Hollow. I remember one time we were in the practice room for about 4/5 hours hashing out a song we called ‘Lonely Night’. We never had the chance to release it but playing it live was always super fun and emotional.

If you had to get one lyric tattooed on you, which would it be and why?

Ali - It would be the opening lyrics to Kae Tempests’ track ‘Picture A Vacuum’. They are one of my idols and always produce music that has so many layers and can absorb you wholely. Listening to their albums never get old. ‘Picture a vacuum An endless and unmoving blackness Peace, or the absence at least, of terror

Ben – If I was to ever get any lyrics tattoo’d it be ‘I'll whisk away your heart sigh and bury it in mine’ from Purity Ring’s song ‘Heartsigh’. The song is one of my all-time favourites, always puts me in a good mood if it comes on shuffle and I’ve got some nice memories linked to that song.

What song never fails to move you, no matter how many times you hear it?

Ali - Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes’ track, 'End of Suffering'. I love how Frank writes his lyrics and this album takes the cake in terms of portraying raw emotion.

Ben – For me it’s definitely 'Malibu Nights' by LANY. Right from the offset the chords capture the feelings of how lost someone can feel after a breakup or losing someone important, then the lyrics come in to accentuate those feelings even more.

Which band do you wish you had discovered earlier in your life?

Ali - I wish I’d discovered Gallows earlier, I only really started to listen to them after Frank had left. Number 1 band I wish I could see live today.

Ben – The Band Camino, they’ve been around for a few years but their recent album ‘tryhard’ introduced me to them and a their fresh take on pop-rock.

If you had to do a rock cover of any pop song, which song would you choose?

Ali - Bronski Beat’s – 'Smalltown Boy'. It’s an absolute classic track and I’ve always loved it.

Ben – t.A.T.u – ‘All the Things She Said’ would be such a sick cover to take on!

Who would be your perfect Saturday night festival headliner?

Ali - Black Sabbath, I’ve always wanted to see these guys live and would not miss a chance to see them again.

Ben – Biffy Clyro, I’ve wanted to see them live since I was about 13, still haven’t but I see they’re conveniently headlining Download 2021 on the Saturday so I’m going to have to go!

If you had to recommend one recent musical discovery to a friend, which song would it be?

Ali - Nova Twins – 'Taxi'. An absolute banger, incredibly fierce energy and I can’t stop playing it.

Ben – it’s gotta be ‘Love Somebody’ by Lauv, I literally can’t get enough of this song, his vocals give me goose bumps every time, especially in this track.

Which song are you the proudest of writing?

Ali - For me, I love 'White Washed'. It encapsulates everything I want to put into my songs. Big riffs, lyrical content that suit how I write and a huge chorus. What more could you want?

Ben – Definitely ‘Smile’ which comes out on September 4th, it’s the most fun to play live, a lot of friends and random people have said it’s their favourite song in the set when we’re talking to them after the set is over!

Hell-ios' new single, 'Smile', is due for release on September 4th - keep an eye on their Spotify page for when the track drops here.

Check out the video for 'Whitewashed' below:


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