• Charlotte Hardman

LOUDER FEATURES: Mixtape Medley with Highwind

Welcome back to our first Mixtape Medley of 2021! In this edition, we're taking you through the playlists and CD shelves in New Jersey pop-rockers Highwind!

All the songs mentioned below have been compiled into this handy playlist- listen along here:

Which songs remind you most of your childhood?

Growing up, I played a lot of video games like Gran Turismo, Tony Hawk Pro Skater, 1080 Avalanche. Those games always had great bands like Cauterize, Goldfinger, Boysetsfire, Jimmy Eat World, and so on. So hearing songs like '99 Red Balloons', 'Choke', 'Superman', and 'Nothing Wrong', always take me back to being younger and sitting in front of a giant CRT TV and playing those games.

Which bands did you have the most posters of in your room when you were a teenager?

A LOT of Paramore. I still love them to this day, and I still own a lot of their posters and merchandise. That band was DEFINITELY a staple for my early years. I don’t know if these count as posters, necessarily, but I have the photo set they released in 2012 for Hurricane Sandy relief. I think that’s the coolest piece of band ANYTHING that I own.

Do you have any songs you wrote when you were younger that you are still proud of?

There's this song I wrote with one of my old bands called, 'I Guess I'm Moving On'. It was this really cool alternative rock, post-hardcore kind of song. I was SUPER stoked on it lyrically back in the day, and the breakdown we put at the end used to hit SO hard. It's still up on YouTube, along with the rest of the EP that it’s on, if anyone feels like trying to find it.

If you had to get one lyric tattooed on you, which would it be and why?

"A Handful of Redemption is all we need," from 'Handful of Redemption' by Boysetsfire. The chorus always resonated with me. I always thought the song had a great way of taking beautifully written, meaningful lyrics and throwing them in your face. I think everyone who listens to rock music should listen to that song at least one. I actually want to get that lyric tattooed on me one day, just not sure where.

What song never fails to move you, no matter how many times you hear it?

'Sing For Me' by Yellowcard. I lost a friend of mine a few years back. It was one of his favorite songs of all time. I saw Yellowcard in concert a few months after his passing, and they dedicated that song to him. That song never fails to make me cry.

Which band do you wish you had discovered earlier in your life?

The Band Camino. Now, I DID see them a few years back when they opened for The Dangerous Summer, but I really didn’t pay attention to them until Tryhard came out. I wish I followed them right after I saw them, or even before that. That band is doing some really cool things in alternative music.

If you had to do a rock cover of any pop song, which song would you choose?

I’m a sucker for Ellie Goulding, I really am. So covering 'Something In The Way You Move' would be so much fun for me. Can I sing like Ellie Goulding? Do I think I would do her any justice? Not at all. Would I have a blast re-working one of her songs to sound like my own? Absolutely.

Who would be your perfect Saturday night festival headliner?

Paramore and The 1975 co-headlining would be an absolute dream come true for me. Both bands heavily influence me as an artist and musician. So seeing them one after the other at a festival would be mind-blowing for me.

If you had to recommend one recent musical discovery to a friend, which song would it be?

I’ve been listening to this band called See You Smile a lot as of late. They’re an alternative rock band from Japan, and their songwriting is just so much fun. It takes pop-punk and makes it so much more creative. I HIGHLY recommended See You Smile to anyone looking for a new rock band to listen to. To pick a specific song, it would definitely be 'DND (GNAR GNAR GNAR)'.

Which song are you the proudest of writing?

There are a couple of songs that aren’t released yet that I am extremely proud of. One is slated for release in a couple of months, while the other is most likely being released in the Summer. They really helped me step out of my comfort zone and create something that felt new, refreshing, and exciting. I don’t want to give away too much, but they really are nothing like my past releases. I think people will like them as much as I am proud of them.

Highwind's re-imagined version of their single '2023' is out now- listen to the track here: