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LOUDER FEATURES: Mixtape Medley with Matter of Mind

Welcome back to Mixtape Medley, where we take you inside the playlists and CD shelves of your favourite up-and-coming bands! In this edition, we chatted to Stockport-born emo trio Matter of Mind. Their latest single, ‘As Far As I Can Tell’ is a blend of darkly melodramatic verses and crunchy, metalcore-influenced, white-hot choruses. So, prepare for a journey through some brilliant rock and emo nostalgia!

All the tracks mentioned below have been compiled into this handy playlist - listen along here:

What songs were the soundtrack to your childhood?

My first albums were My Chemical Romance ‘Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge’, ‘Welcome to the Black Parade’ and Green Day's ‘American Idiot’, they’re records that influenced me massively and they still have as much meaning and excitement to me as they did back then. However, there was always music playing when I was a kid, I owe a lot of my music taste to my mum. She always had bands like Foo Fighters and Red Hot Chilli Peppers on, I think that really sparked my love for guitar driven music. Thanks mum!

Which lyric would you get tattooed on you and why? And what would it have been had you been able to get tattooed as a teenager?

I think it would have to be the lyric/song title ‘Going up the country’ from Canned Heat. That is my all time favourite song, and anyone who knows me will vouch for me on that. I just love it. It’s impossible to be sad or down listening to that song. It just takes me out of whatever bad mood or stressful situation I’m in and just makes me feel great. Plus, it’s a great song to wack on when you’re leathered. Such a feel good song.

I think as a teenager, it probably would’ve been ‘So put the kettle on leave the teabag in because I like it strong, my mouth is burnt to bits and I’m practically drowning in PG tips’ from Lower Than Atlantis’ song - ‘I’m not bulimic I just wanted to see how far I could stick my finger down my throat’. It’s a long one, but what a quality song lyric that is.

Which song/s makes you think of someone close to you and why?

'Whispering Grass' by the Ink Spots always makes me think of my Pops (Grandad). He’s super important in my life and he loves the Ink Spots, so hearing the Ink Spots (even though they’re usually quite sad songs) always makes me smile.

'Best Of You' by Foo Fighters always reminds me of my mum and my childhood, that song was always on the radio or in the CD player when I was growing up and it’s still probably one of my favourite songs today. What a banger!

If you could go back and listen to any album for the first time again, which would it be?

Bring Me The Horizon's ‘Sempiternal’. I remember the day that album came out, I think I would of been 15 at the time, so I was already way way down the music rabbit hole, but that album was super important to me and my mates at the time and it’s still a record that we in Matter Of Mind still spin and still turn to for inspiration sometimes. Starting an album with a song like 'Can You Feel My Heart' - genius. Either that or Blink-182’s 'Greatest Hits'. I know it’s probably a bit shit to say a Greatest Hits album, but I remember being gifted that album when I was like 13/14 and it blowing my tiny mind, just been obsessed with that band ever since.

Who are your favourite band to play with? And who would you love to play a show with when gigs are back?

We played a show with Strange Bones once; those guys are nuts live. They put on such an energetic show and just have bags of charisma. I think their singer, Bobby, is also a tattoo artist, I’d love to get a tattoo from him actually.

Imagine playing a show with My Chem! That’d be so sick and definitely a bucket list moment. So that would be amazing. As a band, I think we’d all say that supporting Bring Me The Horizon would be the biggest ‘what the fuck’ moment and would be absolutely insane for us.

What was the last song you downloaded to your phone/ added to your music?

The latest Architects record ‘For Those That Wish to Exist’. I’ve only had time to spin it maybe once or twice, but damn it’s so sick. The singles from that album that came out were insane, and the album doesn’t disappoint, it’s proof that heavy music is still very much alive!

Do you have any ‘guilty pleasure’ songs that you wouldn’t admit to liking in front of people?

“You’re Welcome” - Dwayne Johnson/Moana Soundtrack. WHAT. A. BANGER. However, I kinda don’t really give a shit about people judging the music I like, so I’m quite open that I love that song, cos I mean, what a tune! That chorus is so so catchy and The Rock kills it on vocals. It’s got a rap section that’s probably better than half the modern rappers out there at the minute, haha! That whole film’s soundtrack is just sick really.

Who are the first band you will be seeing play live after lockdown is over?

Silverstein. I have to see Silverstein live. I’ve never had the opportunity to, but they did a load of live stream shows over lockdown and the past year or so. I’ve watched them all and just got so hyped up each time. I made my mum sit down and rewatch the last lot with me. We got drunk and watched the last 3 of the shows back to back. It was sick.

You have to borrow one piece of kit from one musician – what would you love to play of theirs?

I’d love to play Dave Grohl’s guitar! It probably wouldn’t work for our band, I reckon I’d have all sorts of feedback issues because of the semi hollow body, but I don’t think that would matter. It’s fricken Dave Grohl’s guitar. It looks so nice to play, that’d be awesome.

Which song are you most proud of writing?

I think we as a band are most proud of a song that is yet to be released and we absolutely can’t wait for it to be released. Hopefully it won’t be too long. But maybe out of the songs that are out currently, I personally am probably most proud of our latest single ‘As Far As I Can Tell’. It’s not going to be everyones cup of tea, but that doesn’t matter to us. We write music that we’d love to hear and it was a super interesting song to write and we’re super proud of it. Lyrically, it’s inspired by quite a personal event but I liked the fact that I linked that into a concept, which was something I’ve never done lyrically before and I really pushed myself vocally on that song. I think it’s a great example of development for our band.

'As Far As I Can Tell' is out now - check out the video below:

Stream the track on Spotify here:


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