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LOUDER FEATURES: Mixtape Medley with No Matter

Welcome back to Mixtape Medley, where we take a deep dive into the vinyl boxes, CD collections and Spotify playlists of some of your favourite up-and-coming bands. In a time where the system's failings are becoming ever more exposed, the drive and passion behind punk rock music is more inflamed and important than ever. Passion and drive are definitely qualities that Irish quartet No Matter have in abundance! Pulling the faster, raucous, unbridled side of pop pun back into the spotlight, and with the majority of their tracks falling under the 3-minute mark, this is a band with a lot to say, who are demanding you stand up and take note! But which songs are their proud inspiration for writing music, and which are their secret guilty pleasure?

All the songs mentioned below have been compiled into this handy playlist - listen along here:

Which songs remind you of your childhood?

Dan - A lot of Michael Jackson, Queen, and Pogues. I was a weird kid.

Jarlath - "Any Dream Will Do" from "Joseph" by Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice.

Cat - I used to play my mums "Motown Chartbusters Vol 5" vinyl on repeat and blame it entirely for why I wanted to play bass. Standouts probably being "Stevie Wonder - Signed Seal Delivered (I'm Yours)" and "Smokey Robinson & The Miracles - Tears of a Clown"

If you could show any song to your 14-year-old self, what would it be and why?

Dan - I'd show my 14 year old self some of Green Days newest album and watch the expression on my face.

Jarlath - "Body of an American" by the Pogues. I didn't get big into them until I was about 18 and that song has been a big influence for me ever since. Shane MacGowans lyrics never get boring. "And as the sunset came to meet the evening on the hill. I told you I'd always love you, I always did and always will."


Cat - "Jawbreaker - Want" just to get me on the path I ended up on musically, a few years earlier! I'd escaped pop songs by listening to my older brothers Ash, Therapy? and Paw CD's when I was around 14, but I'd have loved to have found bands then that I would end up considering big influences!  

Which is your favourite sad song from a characteristically ‘happy’ band? Jarlath - "What Went Wrong" by Blink-182  

Cat - They Might Be Giants - "They'll Need A Crane"

You have to get one song lyric tattooed across your chest- which do you choose? (And what would you have chosen had you been able to get tattooed as a teenager?) Dan - "OOPS I DID IT AGAIN" Jarlath - I don't know if my man tits would suit a chest tattoo. However, I do have "Hey Ho Let's Go" tattooed on my arm because I have been obsessed with The Ramones since I was about 13.  

Cat - This is why I don't have any tattoos! As a teenager, it probably would have been some angsty Skunk Anansie lyrics I'd cringe at now whereas these days it'd probably be nonsense like 'lazy harp seal has no job' which is exactly why I have none.

What’s your ultimate guilty pleasure song? Dan -  I have no guilty pleasures, I likes what I likes! 

  Jarlath - "7 Days" by Craig David and "Keep on Moving" by Five. 

  Cat - I have too many that I love that others totally cringe at - key examples being Parry Gripp - Lazy Harp Seal Has No Job and Right Said Fred - You're My Mate.

You can only play one of your songs live ever again – which do you choose? Dan - One of Cat's just to annoy her.

Jarlath - "Contract" because it was always a favourite of mine but unfortunately was dropped from the set shortly after I joined the band. 

  Cat - Would happily play any - except one of mine... and not Contract just to annoy Jarlath.

Who are the best band you’ve toured with, and which song would you want to join them onstage for? Dan - We're friends with the Kimberly Steaks from Scotland, and I've joined them on stage several times to play Ticking Over, so I guess that's my answer.

Jarlath - We've played and toured a lot over the years with Kimberly Steaks. I've been loving their newest album lately and when we see them again I will have to hold myself back from grabbing the mic for that chorus in "All We Had." Banger!   

Cat - We've had some great joint tours and weekenders over the years so it's pretty hard to pick the best when they're now our friends plus they all played different punk styles! Demon Smiles, Start at Zero, Kimberley Steaks being the main ones! We also did an Irish weekender with Richie Ramone and there have been numerous bands who we've played several gigs with but it wasn't actually arranged as joint dates - just happy coincidences we got to play together more than once on a tour. But ultimately I wouldn't want to jump into any of the other bands' songs for fear of ruining them! 

Who are your ultimate Saturday night festival headliner? Jarlath - Oasis or Teenage Bottlerocket Cat - Beatsteaks / Bad Religion / Nofx / ZSK

Which album or band will always mean everything to you? Dan - Dookie by Green Day, never gets borin'. Jarlath - Ramones and their first 4 albums  

Which song are you the proudest of writing?

Jarlath - El Bait is a short, simple song I wrote that always seems to go down well live. On our last album, I wrote the song Lesson Learned which I really like but don't think it sounds as good live as it does on record.

Cat - I cringe at all of mine, but have been told by some folk that they love mine. So it's a weird feeling, of not wanting to play them, but then knowing it'd be strange to not include them in the live set! So I'm praying there'll be a song sometime soon, that I've written that I don't cringe at... but knowing my luck that'll be the one everyone hates lol.

Dan - It's yet to come - watch this space!    

No Matter's latest album, 'Excess Baggage', is out now - stream the record here:

Check out the video for 'Migraine', featuring footage from No Matter's set at last year's Manchester Punk Festival, below:


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