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LOUDER FEATURES: Mixtape Medley with One Million Motors

All the songs listed below have ben compiled into this handy playlist - listen along here:

Which songs remind you of your childhood?

John: The Beatles - 'Get Back'. My dad would play a lot of different music in the car, but The Beatles seemed to be on a lot when we’d be on long holiday drives, so it always reminds me of that.

Queen - 'Another One Bites the Dust'. I think the simplicity of the kick and bass was something my sister and I latched onto, so was another of ‘dad’s songs’ that we always wanted to hear.

Mick – I grew up in a family of music lovers, my parents were big Rock and Blues fans so we constantly had bands like Fleetwood Mac, The Beatles, Gary Moore, Status Quo, Queen, Bruce Springsteen playing around the house so I got into music in a big way from a very young age. As for songs which remind me of my childhood, my Dad use to play all these ‘Ultimate Road Trip’ tapes in the car and the couple of songs which stood out to me were The Proclaimers – '500 Miles' and Stiltskins – Inside. They’re both massively different tracks which probably had an influence on my strange taste in music.

Which album had the biggest impact on you as a teenager?

John: This is a really tough question, but I think I’d have to say From Here to Infirmary by Alkaline Trio. Everyone was really into Green Day and Blink and so on, but I found this Trio record on my own and they swiftly became ‘my band’ cause none of my friends really got it. It’s probably one of the only records from that time that I still listen to regularly.

Mick: Possibly the easiest question I’ll answer on this interview. Less Than Jake Hello Rockview; it’s just the perfect album in my opinion. I’m a massive Ska-Punk fan and when I heard this album it instantly made me want to be in a band. My very first band, the awfully named All Sexy But Ginger (What were we thinking!) tried our best to copy everything Less Than Jake did, we failed miserably but we had loads of fun along the way which is what Ska-Punk is all about.

Which is your favourite heavy song from a band who usually write softer tracks?

John: My bandmates will laugh at this cause I’ve pestered for us to cover it loads, ha. It has to be 'Angels of the Silences' by Counting Crows. For anyone unaware, Counting Crows are mostly soft rock/country/pop, but this song is straight up rock/americana with the drive and energy of something like Foo Fighters. Obviously, not ‘heavy’ but for them it’s easily the heaviest they’ve ever gone. Such a great song, go check it out.

Mick: I bet John mentions Counting Crows here, he’s obsessed. I’ll stick with an Americana/Folk vibe though and go with Neil Young – 'Like A Hurricane'. I love all eras of Neil Young, but when he picks up that Les Paul and switches the fuzz pedal on it’s something magical. Like A Hurricane is a perfect example of what I’m talking about. He can go from heartfelt mellow folk to grunge at the flick of a switch and it always sounds like Neil Young.

Which lyric never fails to move you no matter how many times you hear it?

John: ’The gutter's too tough, the stars are too safe, I’m always that kid always out of place’

- 'Bad Art and Weirdo Ideas' by Beach Slang. I think this will resonate with anyone whose felt like they didn’t fit in at some point in their life.

Mick: I’m gonna cheat a little here and nominate a whole song. Alexisonfire Happiness By TheKilowatt. Alexisonfire always write amazing songs which stir up emotions and this song is no different. For me it represents vulnerability, something which we all feel at times in our lives but there is also something unifying about the song, especially in a live setting; Standing in a crowd of thousands screaming these lyrics back at the band knowing that everyone around you relates to these words and this band, its powerful stuff.

If you had to choose any pop song to make a rock cover of, which would it be and why?

John: I would absolutely choose 'I Want You Back' by The Jackson 5 . It’s the perfect pop song in that second it starts you know you’re in for a great time. And it makes me romanticise the 60’s when it was released. If anyone doesn’t enjoy this song, they’re lying or they need to seek help!

Mick: Panic At The Disco 'Into The Unknown'. This track haunts me everywhere I go, but I secretly like it. My son and daughter are obsessed with Frozen 2 so this song is constantly on in our house. It would make a perfect cover though, pulsating verse followed by a massive chorus, what’s not to love?!

You can only play one of your songs live ever again – which do you choose?

John: I think we’d both pick our song 'Mistakes' for sure. It’s one of my favourites for a start, and has the energy and melody that sums us up as a band. Plus it has an end section that repeats, so we could carry it on indefinitely? Haha.

Mick: Our drummer Lauro had just joined the band and we were sort of going through a bit of a transition and when we wrote this song it just felt like it was the OMM sound we’d heard in our heads finally coming to fruition.

Who are the best band you’ve toured with, and which song would you want to join them onstage for?

John: I’m cheating slightly as we’ve never toured with them, but we have played with them so that counts right? I’d pick Unknown Era from my home town of Nottingham, and I’d join them for 'My Town'. They’re a blend of ska/gypsy jazz/rap/punk and their live show is off the hook! Just being in the audience makes you feel like your part of the already huge (9 piece) band.

Mick: Crazy Arm. They’re criminally underrated and produce some of the best Punk Rock in the UK today. When we played with them we were still in our infancy as a band and finding our sound, but if we got the chance to play with them again I’d definitely be making a point of getting my voice heard during ‘Still To Keep. The second that track kicks in I can’t help but smile and sing along, it’s such an anthem.

Which song is the perfect soundtrack to late night summer drinks with friends?

John: There’s something about 'Coma Girl' by Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros that fit’s this perfectly. It has a great mix of relaxed, reggae/dub inspired verses, and a carefree, catchy chorus topped with the unmistakable voice of Joe Strummer. It’s an absolute hidden gem and sums up my friend circles music tastes completely.

Mick: There’s no better summer soundtrack than 'Sublime' - Santeria whilst you’re surrounded by friends, sunlight beginning to fade and the drinks are flowing. In fact the whole self-titled Sublime album is the perfect summer album.

Which album or band will always mean everything to you?

John: Propagandhi. Everytime. This is a band who were calling out their own fans for the toxic ‘bro’ culture of the 90s American punk scene. They’ve been at the front of political punk way before American Idiot and Rise Against. And they’re still at it! Plus they fucking shreddddd!! Every part of that band from riffs, to lyrics to drum fills is underrated and incredible. Sorry for the rant, but if you consider yourself on the political left, you have to hear Propagandhi. Check out Potemkin City Limits or the albums Less Talk, More Rock and Supporting Caste.

Mick: Stiff Little Fingers – The perfect band in my opinion. I first got introduced to SLF when I was 12 years old by my Uncle and after hearing the intro to Alternative Ulster I knew this band was for me. Every Pop-Punk band owes SLF and Jake Burns their royalties; you can hear their influence all over the place. If you’re not familiar I recommend their first three albums, Inflammable Material, Nobodys Heroes & Go For It.

Which song are you the proudest of writing?

John: As a band I think we’d all probably pick 'B-Movie'. It came together quite quickly for what is a bit of an odd song structurally and always seems to go down well when we play it. I feel like as band you should always be pushing boundaries of the genre(s) you play and I think we managed to do that with this song. Particularly with the acapella chorus towards the end!

Mick: We don’t really have another song like it and probably will never write anything as weird as this again, but that’s what I love about punk music, you can draw influences from here, there and everywhere and as long as you play it with conviction it’s fine.

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