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LOUDER FEATURES: Mixtape Medley with Realms

Welcome back to Mixtape Medley, where we take you inside the CD wallets and Spotify playlists of your favourite up-and-coming bands! In this edition, we chatted to two of the five Yorkshiremen who make up Realms, a band whose music floats somewhere between post-hardcore and melodic metalcore.

Vocalist Karl and guitarist Matt took us back through the songs that have inspired and delighted them - all of which can be found in this handy playlist below:

Which songs and styles of music surrounded you growing up?

Karl: All sorts: my parents loved music. A lot of the Jam, The Smiths, Sex Pistols, Madness, Housemartins - the list could go on. I'm thankful for my parents music collection because it really helped me to appreciate music.

Matt: I grew up listening to my mum's music around the house. This was funky, 70s disco stuff like Chic that I'm not really into. Once I got older I started listening to the radio a bit more which got me into indie bands like The Fratellis. Then one day I stumbled across Kerrang! on TV where I heard Slipknot for the first time and it changed my life forever!

Which band did you have the most posters of in your room as a teenager?

Karl: Dir En Grey for sure. I remember copping like 20 posters and they instantly went up. I still have them hidden away as mementos! 

Matt: The walls in my room were literally plastered from top to bottom with posters from Kerrang! I remember having quite a few My Chemical Romance posters up and Nirvana as well. I went through a phase where I was obsessed with Nirvana and Kurt Cobain.

What’s your favourite happy song from a characteristically ‘sad’ band?

Karl: 'William, It Was Really Nothing' by The Smiths. This song feels really upbeat, and while lyrically The Smiths were quite dour, I enjoy this one and it cheers me up.

Matt: Probably a song off 'Danger Days' by My Chemical Romance. It's my least favourite album from them because I am a sad boi at heart, BUT there are a couple of tunes on there that are just unapologetically, cheesy BOPS. Like 'Planetary (GO!)' - you can't hear that bouncy chorus without wanting to have a boogie!

Which of your own band’s lyrics would you be most proud to hang on your kitchen wall?

Karl: There is a line in 'Zealot' that I wrote that is my fav. "No Romeo and Juliet for me and You" and it references the line previously regarding the fact Jim Jones, the leader of the Jonestown Cult, refused to poison himself after convincing others to do the same. I think it's my most "clever" line.

Matt: Karl got quite aggressive in our song 'Miasma' and I think it'd be really funny to have those lyrics on the wall in the style of 'Live, Laugh, Love'. The lyrics I'd go for are 'One more look in my direction and I'll make you swallow those fucking words'.

You have to get one band logo tattooed on you – what logo would you get and where?

Karl: Letlive for sure. I've already mocked it up on my arm before. They were so influential to me joining a band again.

Matt: I've often thought about getting a Fightstar tattoo. Not necessarily the logo but I really like the artwork of their debut EP 'They Liked You Better When You Were Dead'. Fightstar are probably one of my favourite bands of all time and are a massive inspiration to me. I don't have any tattoos so I'd probably get it done on my calf or something because I'm a wimp! 

A friend asks you for some new music recommendations – which song/s would you show them?

Karl: I'd probably say Joji's 'Run' or 'Gimme Love'. They are super poppy but so catchy and good.

Matt: I'm super into this band called If I Die First at the minute. One of their members is the emo rapper Lil Lotus and another used to be in From First To Last. They sound like post hardcore bands back from the 2000s but done really, really well. I'd probably recommend the song 'Where Needles and Lovers Collide'.

What’s your go-to karaoke song?

Karl: 'I Don't Love You' by My Chemical Romance. I love absolutely destroying this in the car when it comes on and I go mega OTT!

Matt: Something by Bon Jovi definitely. Probably not 'Livin on Prayer', it'd be way too high. Let's go with 'It's My Life' by Bon Jovi. A bit cliche, but a 100% certified bop and singalong tune!

If you could hang out with one band backstage at a festival, who would it be and why?

Karl: I'd love to chew the fat with Funeral For a Friend. I follow the singer on Twitter and he loves obscure movies and I'd love to chat about that.

Matt: I'd like to hang with Don Broco. They seem like super fun and chill dudes. I bet they know how to have a good time!

You get to play on one famous or very sentimental track to you, but will always go uncredited for your work – which track would you simply accept the esteem on having played on?

Karl: 'Muther' by letlive. Knowing I'd been included on a song of that pedigree for me personally would mean I've achieved what I've always wanted.

Matt: I'd love to be the guy who played the opening piano on 'Welcome To The Black Parade' by My Chemical Romance. Imagine recording the most iconic G note of all time. I wouldn't need any credit, I could just live happily knowing that my fingers hitting those keys ignited millions of emo phases around the world! 

Which song are you most proud of writing?

Karl: 'Original Sin', I'm so happy with how the chorus came out.

Matt: Probably our song 'Haunted Homes' from our EP 'Burn The Orchard' we dropped earlier this year. I really like the tapping part that I wrote in the chorus and I like how the song shifts from quiet to loud throughout as well.  

Check out the official audio for 'Haunted Homes' for yourself below:

'Burn The Orchard' is out now as a self-release- stream the EP here:


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